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David Lee

Hello! I’m 19 years old and from Ohio! I joined this CIG Missionary program to increase my capacity to love others, and to become a leader that can impact my community back at home! Ultimately, I want to deepen my relationship with God and also share the love that I have experienced throughout my life to others so that everyone can be one family centered on God!

Elijah Maddox

Hiya! I’m from Rainier, Washington. I decided to do Cheon Il Guk Missionary because I wanted to experience a life of living and sharing heavenly culture through service and witnessing. I really wanted to connect this experience with my parents, who were missionaries before me. I hope to be able to bring God’s love to the people I meet.

Fuyu Fujioka

Hi! My name is Fuyu Fujioka, I’m 20 years old, from Bowie, Maryland, and I’m back for another year! The reason why I decided to do another year of mission work is because this past year as a missionary helped me to further strengthen my desire to serve something greater than myself. I hope to be able to continue working on my relationship with God throughout this next year, and share His love to the people I meet.

Helen Bond

Hello! My name is Helen Bond, I am 20 years old, and I am from Sunnyvale, California. I am so grateful to God, our Heavenly Parent, for guiding us all to be here on this journey, where we can take this role as missionaries to love and support and invest into another country as He would. I am excited to continue growing my heart of love each day, and to do His will wherever it may be, so that His true love and ideal can be fulfilled here on earth.

Hirokazu Terada

Hey! My name is Hirokazu Terada! I am 19 years old, and I am from Michigan. I dedicated this year to being a missionary to expand my capacity to love, and devote myself to developing my relationship with God. I believe faith is very important and a valuable opportunity to meet unique and loving people. I hope that, by sharing my faith, I can really search for a deeper meaning of what love can be.

Hwami Sawada

Hello everyone. I am 19 years old from Bay Area, California. I have dedicated this year to being a missionary to challenge myself in my life of faith and relationship with God. I want to connect with Him in heart and make my life of faith a lifestyle. I also want to share the love I have been given throughout my life with other people.

Joshua Fujikake

Hello, I’m a 19 year from Columbia, Ohio. I became a missionary to grow my heart to love all kinds of people I meet. I want to be able to help others realize their value and beauty from God’s eyes and share a culture of love.

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Kana Ishii

Hi! I am Kana from Utah, 20 years old. This is my second year doing missionary work. The reason is because last year I was determined to go to my mission country to give but I received so much more instead! I am excited to share this family and heavenly culture to the world this year too!

Karen Ishiguro

Hi! I’m 20, from Seattle, Washington and this is my first time as a missionary. I’m here to deepen my conviction in who I am and where I come from. My faith has helped to shape my life closer towards what I desire to be; meaningful, intentional, and overall more joyful. I want to help give others the same opportunities to experience fulfillment in their lives through being a missionary.

Mitsuyoshi - Bio Pic.JPG

Mitsuyoshi Orikasa

Hello everybody, my name is Mitsuyoshi Orikasa from Norman, Oklahoma! I’m 19 years old and this is my first year as a CIG missionary. I came to this program to be able to deeper understand the heart of God. Through a year dedicated to missionary work I want to be able to make my life of faith a lifestyle so I can spread God’s love towards others, and go on to live a God-centered lifestyle!


Miyuki Granstrom

Hi, I am 20 years old and I am from Seattle, Washington. I decided to become a Cheon Il Guk Missionary this year to grow my understanding of God’s heart towards His children, (my brothers and sisters) with the desire to express this kind of love and family to others. I am excited to go overseas this year and expand my capacity to love.

Munekazu - Bio Pic.JPG

Munekazu Nakamura

Hello, my name is Mune (sounds similar to Monet) and I am 21 years old! I am from Chicago, Illinois! I decided to become a CIG Missionary to challenge myself to grow my capacity to love others! I know God will give me challenges by placing people thats hard to love throughout my life, so I wanted to take this opportunity to practice loving all kinds of people as soon as possible. in addition, I want to help out CARP (Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles) back in my community so that we can help students, especially college students, to find purpose in their life!

Risako Yonetani

Hello nice to meet you! I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. This is my 2nd year being a part of this Cheon Il Guk Missionary program. I wanted to dedicate another year to do this mission because I want to cultivate a deeper and heartfelt relationship with Heavenly Parent. also I felt I needed to act upon my faith through conveying God’s dream and love to the people I will meet, not just this year but throughout my life. I am grateful to have another opportunity to practice living for the sake of others.

Shogo Nakaza

Hi. my name is Shogo Nakaza. I’m 21 years old from Indianapolis, IN. I joined the Cheon Il Guk Youth Missionary because I wanted to develop a real life of faith. I didn’t want to live a double life where I lived a lifestyle centered on God on certain days or even at certain points throughout a single day. I want to become someone who can be a source of pride and joy for God.


Soonmee Iwasaki

Hi, my name is Soonmee Iwasaki. I am 20 years old from Philadelphia, PA - the city of brotherly love! I became a Cheon Il Guk Missionary because I wanted to challenge myself and learn to thrive in any kind of situation through the love and grace of God. I want to build the confidence to be able to share that with others and spread His will wherever I go!

Sotetsu - Bio Pic.JPG

Sotetsu Honda

Hello, everyone. I am from Chicago, Illinois. right now I am 19 years old. I decided to join Cheon Il Guk Missionary because I wanted to share the many blessings I have received all my life with all of the people I meet. another reason I joined was because I wanted to strengthen my life of faith.

Yasuhiro - Bio Pic.JPG

Yasuhiro Ishiyama

Hi! I’m Yasuhiro from Seattle, Washington. I decided to become a missionary because I saw it as a stepping-stone in leading a life filled with gratitude and compassion. I want to see things from a wider perspective. Recognizing that God has always been with me in even the lowest and most difficult of times, I want to share with others that God is always with them too.

Younng-Joo Scharf

Hello! My name is Younng-Joo Scharf. I am 21 years old, and I am from Sacramento, CA! This is my first year as part of this missionary program, and I decided to dedicate this year of my life because I have experienced so much joy, fulfillment, and understanding of my purpose in life so far in my journey of faith. I believe that the next step for me is to be able to share the blessings I have received to as many people as I can. In doing so, I hope to come to a deeper understanding of God’s heart and my parents’ hearts, and become someone who can bring joy to the world.

Yutaka - Bio Pic.JPG

Yutaka Ono

Hi! I am 19 years old from Elk Grove, California. I decided to become a missionary to grow my heart to love others. As a missionary this year, I want to continue strengthening my life of faith and appreciating the things that God has given me in my life. By doing so, I hope to live a life of gratitude that can bring joy to God and to the people around me.