Elissa DiLorenzo

Hi there! I am 20 years old and I am from the beautiful state of Montana. I decided to become an American Missionary because it is the next step in my faith and I want grow a deeper capacity to love others. Through discovering my faith in God, I have experienced so much joy, happiness, and love! This sparks a lot of determination and passion inside to share it with others.


Gabriel Marchitelli

Hey y'all what's up! I'm 20 years old, born and raised in Maryland.

Growing up I was taught the value of loving and serving others and I was blessed to come from a family and community that helped make God a part of my life. Being a Missionary now, my hope is to share with others the values and principles that have brought me hope and given purpose to my life. I want to take what God has given to me, and share it with our brothers and sisters around the world and help to make gods dream a reality, to have One Family Under God.


Kinasa Gemmell

Hello, I'm from Salem Oregon.
I joined this mission because I received a calling from God to reach out to people and share to them God's love and hope.
And through this I also want to grow into a vessel for God to work through.


Monica Schlaepfer

Hello! I'm from Hayward, California!
As a missionary I will be given an opportunity to practice living with purpose and for the sake of others through taking action to spread a message of hope and true love in this world. I want to take this year to push past my limitations, expand my heart and look at the bigger picture. I hope to experience joy and fulfillment in my life, and strive to share a truth so profound and precious that it will change the lives of others. I'm excited for this year of growth!


Sasha Okon

Hello everyone! I'm from New Jersey.
I decided to become an American Missionary because I want to live a purpose-driven, passionate, and beautiful life. Having this opportunity to share what I've learned and experienced is helping me to grow my heart and my capacity to love. I hope that by sharing my faith and these experiences can help ignite people to strive to live this life too.


Ellen Kashala

Hi everyone! I'm from Arkansas. I joined this program to dedicate a year of my life to just focus on God and really challenge myself. I want to connect to Him in heart and be able to be more open with my faith and make serving others a lifelong habit. This year, I hope to take more ownership of my life of faith and start to spread God's love to the people I meet.


Jeffrey Silerio

Hello! I am 24 years old from Las Vegas, Nevada! As a Cheon Il Guk missionary, I hope to become a shining ray of God's hope and love to the people who I will meet and help others understand their identity and position as God's child. I want to help others understand that as human beings, we are all one family under God and that God needs all of us to help create a world of peace and true love that God has long desired. Through the challenges and experiences of being a Cheon Il Guk missionary, I also hope to strengthen my own life of faith and become an owner of the principles that I have learned from God and True Parents.


Fuyu Fujioka

Hello! My name is Fuyu Fujioka, I'm 19, and I'm from Bowie, Maryland. The reason I decided to do Cheon Il Guk Missionary is because I had this desire to share the heart of love and family that I experienced last year. Not just keep it to myself, but share it with so many people out there, helping to create an environment where everyone can create memories full of love and joy!


Ikusei Nagai

I am 19 years old from Los Angeles, California. I took this year to want to further my Life of Faith and grow into someone that can represent a higher purpose throughout my life. I want to grow my heart and share this blessing to others with the right intention. As a Cheon Il Guk missionary I want to make this mission a constant investment and creating it as a lifestyle.


Kana Ishii

Hello!! I am from Utah and I decided to become a Cheon-Il Guk Missionary because I wanted to understand the heart of my parents who were missionaries in South america, and to develop a stronger relationship with God. Through that gain a clear purpose in my life and live a life filled with joy and gratitude.


Micheal Cordero

Yo yo, I'm 20 years old and I'm from the wonderful city of Las Vegas, Nevada!
I chose to become a missionary this year because they've personally impacted my life. So I want to continue to give the same type of unconditional love I felt from those who aren't even related to me. I want to be able to take action and spread kindness in person to those around the world.


Risako Yonetani

Hello my name is Risako Yonetani I'm from Malden Massachusetts. My strongest reason why I dedicated another year was because I truly want God in my life. Not just in GPA but when I go back home. Also to expand my capacity to love others through giving and investing my whole heart. I am striving to become a nurse, I realized that I can apply my life of faith in my career aspects as well. Becoming someone who can bring healing to the people around me with god and true parents love, that is my dream.


Taishi Minosoko

Howdy, I'm 19 years old from Dallas, Texas. I joined Cheon Il Guk missionary to develop my character to share God's love and heart to the people I meet, and cultivate a sense of ownership over my life of faith.