Costa Rica: A Week to Go

Hola Todos!

We’re back with more tales of adventure! It’s been a really fun week, actually. Even though we have such a short time left and it can be pretty stressful, it’s also been a great time for us to reflect, spend time with our friends and family here, and really experience God’s love through all our activities.


We were blessed early in the week with a visit from one of our GPA staff, Rosia Schmidt. Even though she was only with us for a short time, a couple of days, she made a huge impact on us with her kindness and ability to listen and advise so expertly. She helped us to digest all our experiences over the past few months and set goals and determinations for the future, wherever in may lead us. We were very glad to have her. And with her we got to take a trip on Monday May 6 to Caratara del Toro, a beautiful waterfall a few hours outside the city. It’s the largest in the country, and it truly was breathtaking, with a layer of fog and cloud and an onslaught of rain. We slipped and slid on the rocks to our hearts content.

Then on Saturday May 11 we had our last event that we put on as American missionaries. “Dueños de un Corazón Verdadero” or Owners of a True Heart, was a 1 day workshop about how to develop true love and selflessness. We had a few activities facilitated by Elijah Maddox and Josh Fujikake, and two talks, on by a CARP member, Eduardo Balboa and the other by our own Shogo Nakaza. It was a fun workshop, and very well received by the attendees.

So that’s it for now. We’ve got one week left, so were going to make the most of it and have some amazing experiences and closures. We’ll let you know about it soon!


Peru: Kicking Off the Start of Our Last Week

Hola todos~!

It’s Peru team here again, with another update on the activities we have been doing in this beautiful country!

Our time in this country is almost coming to a close, but we’re still busier than ever!

This past week was mainly invested into our witnessing activities, with a tiny break of walking along the beach for a breather along the way. Since our remaining time here is quickly dwindling away, many people we have met over the past few months have been rushing to hang out with us as much as possible before that dreaded day comes. Although this past week was one of the busiest, our team had a lot of fun bouncing between lectures, and simply talking and playing card games with the people who came through. Rather than focusing on the amount of time we have left, we’re planning to make the most of the time we have with our friends in serving this country to the best of our abilities!

Costa Rica: Nearing the End

Hola Todos!

The days just keep getting busier! And with the end of our mission in sight, we’ve been going at lighting speed! As always, we had an array of experiences ranging from the every day to abnormal and special. Like finding a beautiful waterfall by the side of a mountain road.


We spent much of the week attending to responsibilities and spending time with CARP. There’s always a lot to do planning events, but sometimes it’s nice to get lunch and chat a well. We had a nice afternoon with Valeria Sanchez, and we talked about everything from life to Japanese tong twisters. It’s nice to have a chance to expand our way of thinking.


The weekend brought more fun. Saturday May 4th we were able to take trip with some of the CARP members and missionaries to the Aguas Zarcas hot springs. It was a fun day of relaxation and exploration. Because unlike many hot springs, here we were able to actually swim in the river. It was hot, like boiling hot! But certainly the whole trip was a lot of fun.

Sunday May 5th we had to opportunity to go and see a play on the UCR campus performed by students. It was an original play about the 7 deadly sins. 3 of the CARP members played lead parts, so it was great to be able to come and support them.

As we find that the end approaches rapidly, we are committed to making the most out of the last of our time. Thanks for reading! See you next week!


Czech Republic: Outings, DP Talk and Service Project!

Ahoj! Czech Republic here with a short update from some activities from the end of April until the beginning of May.

On April 27, CIGYM hosted a board game and outing day with students to bond and enjoy the Saturday together.

On May 1, Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) hosted a service project in collaboration with CARP and YSP(Youth and Students for Peace). Although the service project was canceled due to the bad weather, CARP students could spend the afternoon enjoying time with Angels for Peace, a group of young people dedicated to traveling the world promoting peace in cultures and countries through dance.

On May 2, CARP hosted their last DP talk with specific topics. In the following weeks, new topics and deeper levels of discussion will be held. With three new faces to join the event, students shared and discussed how to create deeper levels of love in relationships, and determined for the upcoming week what they would like to work on towards their friends, family, and peers.

In the next update, Angels for Peace will perform at a larger event hosted by Women’s Federation for World Peace which is supported and joined by CARP, as well as an outing day and a one day True Love Seminar prepared by CIGYM and CARP!

Peru: Hosting Our Third Youth Event!!!

Hola todos~!

It’s Peru team here with another update of this past week!

Throughout this past week, in between witnessing activities, our team has been preparing for our third youth event! We held it this Saturday, on May 5th, and many people we’ve met through our witnessing activities came by! We had the opportunity to catch up with people both old and new, and our friends had the opportunity to meet all the Peruvian CARP members for the first time, too!

Although the event was very short, we had alot of fun playing icebreaker games planned by Yasuhiro Ishiyama and Sotetsu Honda to get to know each other more! Afterwards, the newly appointed CARP director, Dokhwa Miraval, gave a presentation about CARP, and the various activities we do throughout the year. During this time, Fuyu Fujioka gave a small testimony, sharing about how her experiences through CARP had changed her life. After all the presentations, the witnessing team offered everyone a song and dance they had prepared for them, and we all ended the night with a group photo, and some snacks!

It was a pretty busy week, juggling witnessing activities and event planning together, but by the end, we had a lot of fun with the event, with some much needed bonding time with everybody!

We are currently preparing to go into our second to last full week of witnessing time here in Peru, along with another, miniature workshop we will be holding this upcoming Saturday. We hope to see you again next week, with an update on how it went!

Costa Rica: A Gift of a Week

Hello everyone!

Another week has passed, and we slowly find ourselves drawing closer to the end. But there is still much time left! And this week was an example of just how much we can get done. After the first couple days of rest and preparation, we jumped right back into our activities, both in spending time with the church youth and CARP members. Wednesday we had lunch with some of the missionaries and CARP members, played soccer in the afternoon, and watched the very last showing of Captain Marvel in Costa Rican theaters.

We also got to do more approaches and talk to more students with our deep surveys. It will likely be the last time we get to do so, so it was rather special to us.

With the arrival of the weekend came our monthly SPD Seminario with lectures and a movie focusing on principles like giving and receiving love, God’s purpose in creation, and a heart of filial piety. We had a good turn out; 7 people participated in the event and several more worked to plan and prepare food. Don Fernando, the lecturer, was excellent as usual at engaging the audience and really making us think deeply about the content. In the end, though it could be stressful at times, both first time and repeat attendees all expressed their enjoyment of the workshop. Our hope is to have one more before we missionaries all leave our respective countries.

Another busy week come and gone, but with so many new memories. And we are excited for more to come! See you soon!

Peru: New Week, New Team!

Hola todos~!

It’s Peru team here with another update of this past week here in this beautiful country!

This week, we actually started off with another member change with our witnessing team! Max, one of the CARP members here in Peru, has joined our witnessing team for the rest of the time we have here in this country! Jonas Castro, unfortunately, will not be continuing on with us. However, he moved on to his new mission within CARP with a bright smile, excited for the new experiences that lay ahead waiting for him! We had an amazing witnessing period with him this past month, and hope the best for him in this next portion of his journey!

This week, we also had the wonderful chance of welcoming three new members to our CARP family! These three will be joining CARP as full-time members, and participate in the two year course we have here in CARP - studying and practicing the various values and principles we teach here, and learning how to become good, positive leaders and characters for their communities and country! Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos of them at the moment, but we’ll be posting them next week! So make sure to look out for them!

On Monday, April 22, we had a reflection meeting about the last month of witnessing. Taking some much needed time to reflect back on the various experiences we had during the past witnessing period, we shared openly with the team about the various challenges we had faced, what we had been able to learn along the way, and most importantly, what determinations we wanted to make for this next month, especially since we only have a few weeks left before we return to the USA! It was a wonderful opportunity to share, and get a better idea on how we can improve and better support each other as a team, not only for ourselves, but for the various people we invite here to CARP as well, to better help them in having a good experience whenever they visit us!

On Thursday, April 25th, we had the opportunity to celebrate one of our new friends’ birthdays! We had a mini celebration and surprise gift for her when she came by. Since we waited until the last minute, it was completely unexpected for her, and she was just as surprised as she was happy with the gift.

Currently, our team is preparing for an event we will be hosting on Saturday, May 4th. We are hoping that through this event, we will be able to help build connections between the new and old CARP members! It will be the second time we are hosting an event here in Peru, so we are all pretty nervous and excited in equal amounts! We will also be holding a sports day on Sunday, the day after the event, so we’re looking forward to a pretty busy week, with all the preparation and planning we need to do in between witnessing activities! All in all, a pretty normal time here in CARP.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you come back next week to hear how it went!