Peru: Welcoming a New Member and a New Week!

Hola todos~!

This is the Peru team, with another update from this last week!

On Monday, February 11, a new guest of our American Missionary member finished receiving all the lectures on the Divine Principle, given to him by our witnessing team members, Ricardo, Fernando, and Dokhwa Miraval! The guest, Christofer Gonzalez, resonated with the information and words that were shared to him, and instantly decided he wanted to continue studying Principle.

Kana Ishii and Sotetsu Honda sharing about CARP to Christofer Gonzalez.

Kana Ishii and Sotetsu Honda sharing about CARP to Christofer Gonzalez.

On Thursday, February 14, Christofer Gonzalez finished reading through the whole Divine Principle book, staying with us for three whole days to finish it. He also received videos on the life course of our founders, Rev. SunMyung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. He shared about how he felt their hearts of sacrifice and investments when he talked with our leader, Dokhwa Miraval afterwards.

On Saturday, February 16, Christopher Gonzalez came to stay at the CARP center with us! We welcomed him with a miniature surprise celebration upon his arrival, and he is currently being introduced to the lifestyle we practice here at CARP - regular studying and application of the principles we learn through the various responsibilities we share within the center. He will be continuing his studies with the other full-time CARP members, while receiving guidance from Dokhwa Miraval. We are super excited to be with him!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we continued our witnessing and outreach efforts, inviting college students and young adults to attend short lectures and presentations on the CARP program, and the values and principles we study, practice, and share with the people around us.

It’s been a busy week, but we’re looking forward to going into the next one with even stronger determinations than the last!

Costa Rica: Closings and Beginnings

It’s been another busy week with many new changes. We started off our campus outreach on Tuesday Feb 12. It was a seemingly regular day. We talked to students, we studied Spanish back home at the CARP house. We even had a regular dinner made by Josh Fujikake. What he didn’t know was that all the while we were planning his surprise Birthday Party. We sprung it on him after dinner, and we had a blast, with singing, presents, kind words, and cake.

The next day, we had to say goodbye to Augustine Maddox, but it was an excuse for us to have another party, so that was cool. We had Augustine for too short of a time. But even though he was with us for less than two weeks, he made a huge impact on the team with his dedication and willingness to work hard and be a positive personality. Thank you for your had work, Augustine!

Saturday Feb 16 was the day of our service project. We teamed up with a group called HEROES, a local group of youth dedicated to brightening their community of Costa Rica with their acts of service. We had the opportunity to spend time at a local assisted living home. We spent the afternoon playing Bingo with the elderly folks living there, and we generally just spent time talking and laughing with them. There were many bright faces to go with the bright atmosphere. It was a great day.

The next day, in the afternoon we went bowling with some of the other local youth and missionaries. Even though many were not so skilled, we all had a fun supporting and encouraging each other. We also saw a lot of improvement from many people, and growth is never something to be ignored. Part of our role here is raising up the youth, so we were glad for another opportunity to spend time with them.


Finally we ended the week with a team meeting over a nice Argentine dinner. It was a chance for us to share our experiences and make determinations for the coming week. Sometimes this CIG program can be exhausting, but at the end of the day it’s always worth it. See you next week!

Scotland - We ran our first Workshop!

This Sunday February 17th we held and gave presentations for our first Universal Principle Seminar. We held it in the city center of Glasgow and had five participants come.

Each CIG missionary had an opportunity to give a presentation on at least one section of the Exposition of the Divine Principle. Yoshi started off by presenting the introduction followed by Miyuki who talked about the Principle of a peaceful world, Yutaka presented the origin of conflict and Karen finished it off by sharing about the direction of human history. It was a great opportunity for us to share our knowledge about the Divine Principle. All of us were really glad that we were able to put all the lecturing practice we did back home in America into action! The audience was able to receive new insights of the Principle and after each presentation we were able to share with each other what we learned from the presentation and ask questions in order to further understand it.


We are excited for more Divine Principle workshops to come soon as we reach out to more guests as we continue our witnessing campaign in Scotland!

Czech Republic - Week Four

Ahoy! Almost hitting our one-month mark in Czech, CIGYM and CARP says goodbye to Naomi Froelich, who helped and supported CARP activities in Czech for the past five days. She will continue supporting CARP activities as she prepares to head over to South America to support the CIGYM teams there.

On Monday, February 4, CARP participated in an annual event headed by UPF (Universal Peace Federation): An inter-religious gathering of representatives from different faiths, holding discussions with a central theme and topic: “Passing on tradition and faith, and the freedom of choice ”.

Thursday, David Lee hosted the fourth Peace Talk event with the topic: “How can I truly be happy?” A simple yet complex question with much discussion.

Based on Principle point #1, we came to the conclusion that “True happiness is living for the sake of others.”

Lastly, on the weekend, we celebrated special holidays with entertainment and a special meal prepared by a local family in the community.

We concluded the week visiting a new area and park, where we offered prayers of gratitude and determination to begin the upcoming week.

Costa Rica: Week 4

So we’ve started to settle into the routine of things. This week was our first full week of witnessing! It’s definitely hard work - we’re on our feet all day talking to strangers about the deep questions in life. However, many of the young people here are extremely responsive and thoughtful. There is a culture of friendship and conversation that is refreshing to find, especially after coming from the busy, busy, busy, nature of LA and Las Vegas. So we’ve found a lot of joy in working hard, reaching out to the students.

Augustine Maddox joined us at the end of last week, and he has been a great asset to the team. He only has a little time with us - two weeks total - but his presence makes us all want to work harder in the time we have.


All of our activities during the week led up to an American culture and discussion event on Saturday Feb 10. We invited many people to it, and in the end two students showed up. We had our lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, and listened to a presentation on American culture by regions from Elijah Maddox (probably some relation to Augustine), which was well received. Finally we had our discussion on the topic, “How Can We Gain True Happiness?” Certainly not an easy question to answer, but we were able to have a good talk with many points made. Neither of our guests spoke English, so we had to work with Spanish. The guests were extremely patient and thoughtful people, so it worked out well. It was a small event, but a success none the less.

That’s all for now, but there are many exciting things ahead.

Dominican Republic Filled Week of Celebrations!

Hello! This is Dominican Republic reporting on the past 2 weeks of activities here. Some highlights from these times truly reminds us of the hard work of the past, as well as the foundation we stand upon at this time and age. So many people are interested in the lifestyle that we promote here at CARP; “To live for the sake of others.” We had a total of 68 lectures given (most of the time it is one-on-one) and of them, 43 are returning guests- meaning, they continue to want to hear contents of 1-2 hour lectures. The core content of the talks given involve topics such as: “What is the purpose of life?” “What is love?” and “Education of the character.”

At the start of the week, we welcomed a new participant to join us for “CARP life.” Here, participants learn the traditions and cultures CARP offers and has the opportunity to apply it and make it a part of their lifestyle!

On February 5th, we celebrated God’s Day. As CARP, we celebrated the birthday of a lecturer here who has been invested into CARP for decades as well. He has been CARP’s main lecturer for the past several years. He is committed in sharing the above topics with the youth! Further into the week, we celebrated the birthday of the founders of CARP- Rev. and Dr. Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon, as well as couple others’ day of birth. One of them being the new CARP life participant, who we welcomed on February 7th.

As for our outreach, from February 5 to February 9, we had a total of 43 returning guests who received lectures out of a total of 68 invites. One participant in particular comes back consistently. We met him as we were heading into a movie theater and he stopped a couple missionaries as he was collecting our tickets! He was interested and now almost finished with his 14 lecture series. The following is a short comment: “It’s been an honor to get to know this brother named Malvin. I’m so moved that he’s so willing to learn about CARP and the principles. I have so much hope for him to apply what he learns here in his future! Thank you God!” - Risako Yonetani (2nd year CIG missionary/ 3rd year GPA participant).

Scotland: In Full Effect


As we got more settled in Scotland our time here has started to become more serious - less traveling and sightseeing, and more witnessing campaigns and events. Starting from Monday the 4th we started our witnessing campaigns at two new locations: the University of Strathclyde and the City of Glasgow College. We also teamed up with our sister program, STF Europe, together approaching students for the first time!

From Monday through Thursday, we focused on inviting students to our third tribe talk event, and on Thursday, we had our actual event! This week’s discussion question was, “Is there life after death?”

STF Europe participants had to depart for Albania before the event, so it was just the students and us! We had a great time discussing the topic, and hearing insights from many different backgrounds!

Friday the 8th was another full day of witnessing at the college and university. This time, we invited students to our very first 1-day Divine Principle workshop which was on that Saturday the 9th. During the Divine Principle workshop, we received talks from our leader, Robert Török. He gave lectures filled with great content we were all able to learn from! It was a great first-time experience hosting a workshop in Scotland, and we are expecting more workshops in the future, with one of us giving the lectures next time as well!