Hola, como estan?

Salto el Limon

Here in the Dominican Republic, as always the weather changes very drastically from sunny to rainy to windy back to sunny again... and it wasn't an exception for the trip we had on the 27th to the waterfall Salto El Limon.


The day started really well, full of excitment to go out with the CARP members, invited guests and GPA volunteers. It was a long drive but through singing, talking to those around us, and reflecting, the time passed quickly and, before we knew it, we'd arrived to our destination, or so we thought.


Soon we realized that we had to walk another 30 minutes to get to the waterfall, and not even 10 minutes into the hike it started to rain very very hard! The path was filled with mud and rocks mixed in with horse droppings. Everyone cautiously made their way through the rocky, muddy path.


It was definitely an unforgettable, challenging, and ultimately worthwhile experience for everyone.
When we finally arrived to the waterfall, we could feel God blessing us for overcoming the difficulties because, right when we arrived, it became very sunny. We all enjoyed ourselves in God's natural and powerful beauty through the waterfalls and lakes.


Within the group,  2 guests invited by our CIG USA missionary team had joined our trip. They enjoyed it a lot and it was an amazing opportunity for them to get to know our movement, our CARP/GPA family even more. 

 This is Winifer and Marileydi invited by Monica!

This is Winifer and Marileydi invited by Monica!

 Nataly, one of the CARP members, said "This was an exciting trip, with a lot of rain, mud and poop but bonding with other young people and enjoying the nature that God created was definitely fun."

Nataly, one of the CARP members, said "This was an exciting trip, with a lot of rain, mud and poop but bonding with other young people and enjoying the nature that God created was definitely fun."

On the way back it started raining again... towards the end we almost didn't feel the rain at all because we wanted to finish this experience with joy and most importantly, with God.
Thank you Heavenly Parent and True Parents for giving us this opportunity to get to know the members and the guests even more!


Weekly Update in Prague

We've been at the Czech Technical University, reaching out to students, for the past 2 months now. It has been such an interesting and learning experience. There are many people that are open to share and we're learning that the people in Czech republic are very deep and conscientious. Everyday is a day of a mixture of excitement, nervousness and maybe sometimes it feels repetitive but we're grateful that we get to talk to and get to know many students.The anticipation to share the principle with others and the excitement to meet someone that will respond, is what keeps us going everyday.



One Day Divine Principle Workshop:
We had another one day workshop with even more of our CIG team giving lectures! Along with Marek Samec, a local Czech Republic member, we presented the principle with relatable examples on how the Divine Principle can apply to their lives. It was an important opportunity to practice giving Divine Principle lectures, and to revitalize ourselves. We worked hard to understand more about the sections we were lecturing, and in order to do that we had to make sure the principle made sense to ourselves. It was a significant workshop for us in our life of faith to take the chance and share what we know about principle to an audience. One guest especially liked hearing the lecture on Restoration and she had positive give and take with the lecturer. We had the opportunity to sing songs with the guests and create an atmosphere of love.


"This 1 day workshop we were able to have 2 guests come and attend. One of these guests is a sister that I have been able to be with since the beginning. So her coming and attending this workshop was really special. I have been able to study Divine Principle with her for the past month and half and it has really been an amazing experience for the both of us. We have gone through all of the Principles of Creation. For me, I have learned so much more about the Principle through doing my best to teach it to her. She has connected to many of the principles that we learn from the 1st chapter such as the 3 great blessings and the growing periods. It is so beautiful to see how open she is to read the principle and attend the workshop and listen to lectures on the principle. One reason why she says she comes back to the witnessing center every time is because she feels love from us. She genuinely feels a family atmosphere when she comes to study. We are learning that witnessing is not all about sharing just the principle but it is embodying it and creating that heavenly culture of true love."         - Elissa DiLorenzo



¡Hola! It’s hard to believe that we have completed our eighth week as your American CIG family in Costa Rica! We are nearing the halfway point of our experience as missionaries! It has been an exciting week.

On Monday we had 3 of the 5 Japanese missionaries return to their homes after many months of lots of Hard work, love and investments here in Costa Rica.

From Tuesday through Thursday we had to head out of Costa Rica in order to renew our Visas. We visited our Nicaragua Family Federation community and were inspired to see the love and investments that were being made. Not very long ago Nicaragua was a country being torn apart by war, but even in the most difficult of times ours members there held their hopes high and continued the fight for peace and to bring Gods love to their country and the world.

Throughout the rest of the week, we have been spending time witnessing, providing guest care, and completing Divine Principle studies! Not only are we doing our best to invest into brothers and sisters who we meet at the Universidad de Costa Rica, but we have also inherited guests from past missionaries to Costa Rica. Through caring for them, we have been continually realizing how these are not just our guests alone, but these are guests belonging to God and True Parents!

 Fuyu, and one of her guests, Maria, make kimbap for lunch at the Korean Culture Event on Friday!

Fuyu, and one of her guests, Maria, make kimbap for lunch at the Korean Culture Event on Friday!

 Sasha, her spiritual daughter, Andrea, and spiritual granddaughter Kimberly, read and discuss the Divine Principle together!

Sasha, her spiritual daughter, Andrea, and spiritual granddaughter Kimberly, read and discuss the Divine Principle together!

 Gabriel and Felipe reading Divine Principle!

Gabriel and Felipe reading Divine Principle!

 Jeff and Harold (center) met on Friday evening to share about their experiences and the value of CARP with Harold’s friend, Cristian (right)!

Jeff and Harold (center) met on Friday evening to share about their experiences and the value of CARP with Harold’s friend, Cristian (right)!

Another Week in the Beautiful City of Prague!

Sightseeing in Czech Republic!

On Tuesday we attended another special lecture at the esteemed Charles University, this time on the topic of, “Near Death Experiences.” The lecturer discussed various feeling of what it means to have a “near death experience” and also presented testimonies from around the world. Afterwards, the audience was able to share their own, or another’s experiences on this topic. We also learned more on how our physical actions can affect our spiritual bodies as explained through the Divine Principle. It was an enlightening lecture and broadened our minds to the world around and inside us.


Peace Talk:
We were able to end our week with Peace Talk! There were 4 guests that came and attended the event. The topic was, "How can I overcome conflict in my relationships?" Know matter who you are, this is a question we ask ourselves in our life. The universal principle that answered this question was, "True love requires taking responsibility in our relationships to love those who acted against us." We all could agree that we have to take responsibility in our relationships to be vulnerable and honest. This is how we can overcome conflict and become closer to one another.



On Sunday Feb-18th In the afternoon, Héroes, a service project-oriented group that is part of CARP Costa Rica, held a workshop entitled “Why We Do Volunteering”. The workshop was an opportunity for members and guests to share about the past and upcoming activities of Héroes and to identify and discuss about important issues in Costa Rica and how we as the youth can play a role in solving these issues. We finished the workshop inspired and ready to go as we discussed and shared about the value and importance of volunteering.


On Tuesday (2/20), we had the opportunity to spend some time together as an American CIG family as well as with Mama Concha, Eduardo(local CARP vice president), and Sra. Daisy(CARP Divine Principle workshop Lecturer).  We had the blessing of going to Charrarra, a natural park and enjoying the refreshing beauty of Gods creation.           

We were absorbed into Charrarra’s natural beauty of mountains, trees, grass, flowers, and its lake, Lago Cachí. We enjoyed horseback riding through the natural landscape and had lunch in the field of a coffee farm during a little break. For many of us, it was our first time going horseback riding! It was truly an amazing experience in which we could feel God’s love through nature and riding on the horses. Afterwards on our way back to the CARP center we had the chance to connect with Costa Ricas Catholic roots as we stopped by a famous Catholic cathedral and learned the story its origin.


On Wednesday (2/21), The missionaries and CARP Costa Rica leaders organized an outing to a nearby trampoline park as an opportunity to thank the CARP members and guests for all of their hard work and investments into making Costa Rica a truly amazing country. We enjoyed the opportunity to spend time connecting and having fun with each other. In total, there were over 30 of us that went.


Earlier in the week, we were inspired to hear Mama Concha share her life testimony about her experiences joining the movement and the lessons that she had learned. We gave her a send-off on Thursday as she returned to the United States. We appreciate Mama Concha’s love and motherly heart for everyone in CARP Costa Rica!


On Friday and Saturday (2/23 – 2/24), we held a 2-day Divine Principle workshop at the CARP center covering Introduction to the Second Coming. There were 6 guests total that came and that signed up to be a part of CARPs growing family. Our guest shared that he felt really connected with CARP and that he could feel the love and family culture with the brothers and sisters around him at the CARP Center. It was inspiring to hear that he could feel grateful for learning the Divine Principle and understanding more about God. We hope to continue to invest and share love with the guests that we invite to CARP Costa Rica!

 Felipe Joined CARP after hearing Divine Principle during the 2 day workshop

Felipe Joined CARP after hearing Divine Principle during the 2 day workshop

On Tuesday Feb-27th the fifth anniversary of Foundation Day was celebrated here in Costa Rica! We gathered at the local church, and we watched the live broadcast of the event directly from Korea. Afterwards, each of CARP Costa Rica’s missionary groups—Korean, Japanese, and American—CARP Costa Rica’s own tico and tica members, and the second generation members, offered song and dance performances for everyone that had gathered.

pic25 foundation day.jpg
pic23 foundation day.jpg

Our American CIG missionary coordinator, Kenzo Tanaka, visited us this past week, and we went on a two day retreat! On Wednesday and Thursday, we were in La Fortuna, and visited several locations including the Ecological Reserve Fortuna Waterfall, a hot springs, and the Arenal Volcano National Park.

pic26 arenal volcano.jpg

Hola! From Your DR CIG Sisters

GPA’s arrival

Hola brothers and sisters! 
Recently it’s been raining a lot here in the Dominican Republic, often in the afternoon spontaneously in short time intervals. In the midst of the weather and busy CARP activities, 19 participants from Generation Peace Academy finally arrived to Santo Domingo on the 21st of February. For the next 21 days they will be investing into service projects, community outreach, and of course immersing themselves in the Dominican Republic culture. 


Prior to the trip they have been preparing for their projects through fundraising and learning about the country. They have come with open hearts determined not just to serve this country but, most importantly, experience God’s love through their time here. 


As CIG missionaries we have already been here for about 5 weeks and with this foundation we hope to be the best support we can be for these brothers and sisters so that they are able to have an exciting and growth filled experience.

Sports Festival

On the 24th, CARP held a “sports festival event” to welcome the GPA participants and help them connect to the CARP members and missionaries. 
We played volleyball, soccer, and basketball and since it was our first time playing sports all together it was a fun way to come together. 


It was definitely a bonding experience for everyone. 
The CARP members invested so much effort into getting to know the GPA members. 
Regardless of any differences or language barriers they were able to open up to each other through simply enjoying sports and time together. 

After lunch, it began to rain very hard to the point where no other than our group remained playing on any of the courts.
We chose to enjoy the rain too, and embrace it as just another challenge in the game. 
Eventually, we were all out in the rain, enjoying our time together. We could learn from each other and, more importantly, grow closer through this experience. 


It was just the beginning for our different groups to come together and create the culture and environment that makes everyone feel welcome.

GPA's First Day of Witnessing

On the second day following their  arrival, the GPA group joined us for the day at our CARP center to receive an orientation to witnessing here in the Dom Republic. 


They were provided a guidance by our center leader Jake Lavina, and heard testimonies from Sor, a Dominican sister and Alyse, a brother from Haiti (both are currently living as full time members at the CARP center) who shared their profound experiences with studying the Divine Principle and seeing the positive change CARP has helped them make in their lives.  
After the orientation we as missionaries and the Dominican CARP members assisted the 19 members in their first witnessing run here in the DR.


It was exciting for them to meet many open hearted and seeking university students through their outreach and it was wonderful for us to experience sharing the Dominican Republic with our brothers and sisters. 


We were able to invite many new people to check out the CARP center and meet the members there. 
In addition to the witnessing on Friday the GPA group returned to the campus on Monday and also did a small service and outreach project, allowing them to invest even more love into the students and school. CARP members and missionaries supported the group in picking up trash and interacting with the students.

Starting the New Month off Strong!

1 day Divine Principle Seminar:
This Saturday we were able to hold a half day Divine Principle Seminar. This was an opportunity for new people to hear and overview of what is in the Divine Principle. There were 4 lectures given and one lecture was given by our very own Micheal Cordero. He shared about the Principles of Creation very confidently and enthusiastically and made very relatable examples. As Youth and Students for Peace we were able to bring 3 guests to this seminar. One guest shared, "That lecture really changed my views on many things. I liked the talk about oneness of all people in the world irrespective of their religion or race!"


International dinner:
“Food is love.” Nothing brings people together more than food, so we invited guests to bring signature dishes from their countries! It was a great turn out and we were challenged to learn something new about different cultures. After the dinner, we had a chance to share what we were able to learn from one another. It was a great chance to see that, at the end of the day, we’re all God’s children, hoping to make a better world.


Prague's Weekly Update!


Trip to Germany:
At the beginning of the week we had the opportunity to go to Dresden, Germany. We received guidance on witnessing and life of faith habits from one of our staff members from the USA. While in Germany we also went to a museum and many cathedrals. Through visiting these different places we could understand more of the history of Europe and Germany. Because there is a lot of pain and dark history in Europe we as CIG missionaries are here to share God's love to the people.



Public Lecture:
“The present changes the past. Looking back you do not find what you left behind.” Many times in our lives we look to the past with no hope to change it. But on Thursday we became acquainted with a psychiatric technique called Life-Mapping! A method in which we can write out or draw certain aspects of our lives in order to understand ourselves and how to make our present and future better. The lecturer was accompanied by a patient who had also gone through the process and wanted to share her story. Many people were able to attend and we even had the opportunity to create our own mini life map consisting of negative thoughts that often come up.


Peace Talk:
This week for Peace Talk we discussed the question, “Are we inherently selfish?” Guests were able to open up and freely talk with one another about the times in their lives where they’ve instinctively wanted to do good. In the end we learned from the principle, “The essence of our true nature is to care for others before ourselves.” It was something that we could all agree to and at the same time, promise to actively live for the sake of others.


Cleaning Up Prague: 

This Saturday we gathered as a small group and went on a walk to a lake. On the way we had our gloves on and our bags ready to pick up trash. It was definitely very nice to go out on the weekend and serve the city in a small way. We are here to serve and love Prague in any way we can!


The First Of Many More To Come!!

¡Hola! It’s your American CIG family in Costa Rica! It has been an incredibly busy week as we prepared, organized, and held our first American culture event in Costa Rica! We were also able to achieve victory when we were able to invite and bring one of our witnessing contacts to a 1-Day Divine Principle Workshop and become our first guest to become an official CARP member! They were both the first of many more to come, more events and many more young and inspired youth wanting to make a change!

 FINALLY we had our first American culture event on Friday feb/16/2018! For some it may be difficult to determine exactly what the American culture is, so our hope was to help others recognize and understand that the United States is a unique country of all cultures and nations of the world coming together. This is the beauty of America, so our theme for the event was “The Melting Pot”. By knowing that America is a country that transcends race and nationality, we can help others understand that we are one global family.

We kicked off our event first off with some introductions! We introduced ourselves and the different parts of America that we came from followed by some games and activities for us all to get to know eachother a little better. After opening up the hearts of the participants and having a good time with the activities we began to shift to the more internal aspects of the event.


We shared about the founding of America. Not just how it was externally founded but also the heart, attitude and values that America was founded with. We shared about the selflessness of the pilgrims that had first arrived and their dedication to God and to the establish a good future for their new home. We shared about the vision that America had first began with and the original beauty that burned within our Country.  

For Lunch we prepared a home cooked meal for all of the participants of our event and then afterwards performed a dance for them choreographed by our very own missionary Taishi Minosoko. After the dance we split in to little groups which we called our families and had a few more activities together followed by a discussion centered on several quotes about the importance and value of family from different famous figures of history.

 performing our dance for our Guests at the Melting Pot event!!

performing our dance for our Guests at the Melting Pot event!!

Afterwards we took time to introduce CARP and the vision of establishing one worldwide family under God and our Costa Rican community service group called Heroes. To conclude the event we all came together to enjoy some root beer floats and each guest shared about what had impacted them the most about the event and what new things they may have learned. Many people shared their gratitude and were moved to hear about how America had truly began. Selfless and with God.

 each person shared about their experience and gratitude toward the event that we held! 

each person shared about their experience and gratitude toward the event that we held! 

 On Saturday feb/17/18, CARP Costa Rica hosted its second 1-Day Divine Principle Workshop in the month of February. We covered from the Introduction up to the end of the Fall of Man. At the end of the workshop we offered a song to the guests and then gave them the opportunity to sign up to become official members of CARP. In Concluding the Workshop we had two new official members of our CARP Costa Rica Family, One being brought by our very own American Missionary team!

 Here is the first new CARP member (on the right) of many more to come with the missionary that invited  Him (Gabriel Marchitelli)       

Here is the first new CARP member (on the right) of many more to come with the missionary that invited  Him (Gabriel Marchitelli)       

 Our American Melting Pot event!! the first of many more to come :)

Our American Melting Pot event!! the first of many more to come :)

DR: Welcome to this Month's Update

Hola! Wow time has been going by so fast since we arrived here in this beautiful country in January! We are making our way into February and are already experiencing so much. Here is how it has been going so far:


The month of February started with a wonderful opportunity to support the annual Women’s Federation for World Peace meeting held on February 4th! In this meeting we were able to see the fruit of the community’s efforts toward creating a deeper culture of heart in the family, community, nation and the world in order to achieve genuine and sustainable world peace under God. 

2018 2-4 (19).JPG
2018 2-4 (11).JPG

Some of their accomplishments in the past year included a Pure Love Rally, numerous character education talks, conferences on creating the ideal family, and the start up of a new program involving volunteers reading educational books to kindergarten kids. 
It was amazing to see the heart and teamwork of the Women’s Federation members in their determination to invest into every opportunity this year. The meeting concluded with the declarations, hopes, and re-determinations for this new year. 

2018 2-4 (28).JPG

We as the USA CIG missionaries collaborated with 5 active CARP members to offer a song for the event, singing “How Far I’ll Go” in both English and Spanish. 


It was a wonderful experience and we were happy to be in an environment of strong men and women passionate for World Peace. 
“History is calling for reconciliation, compassion, love, service and sacrifice. Today’s problems cannot be solved by the logic of power... Our present problems can only be solved by the logic of love.” - Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon


On the 7th we visited a farm owned by the Family Federation in the mountains. It's a beautiful property of 57 acres filled with trees, a flowing river and many animals as well. They are developing a training center  where people can take some time for a workshop or seminar and focus solely on their growth and studying God's words with other brothers and sisters. We took a tour with Rev. Dae Hee Hong, special emissary of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who is leading the planning, and we could really see the potential and progress of this project.

2018 2-7 (39)JGY.JPG
2018 2-7 (29).JPG
2018 2-7 (32).JPG
2018 2-7 (52)JGY.JPG

The highlight of this outing was a guidance from Rev. Hong. He shared a personal testimony on what it means to have a mission. He really emphasized that this mission isn't just to help and serve others, which is so important, but God is really giving us a precious opportunity to cultivate our own hearts. What we're gaining here is for the sake of our future and the people we impact later on in our course. We were all deeply inspired by his words and it helped us to redetermine ourselves.

2018 2-7 (61)JGY.JPG


This past Saturday, on February 17th, we had the opportunity to support an inter-religious blessing event sponsored by the Family Federation and American Clergy Leadership Conference. 
The event took place in a conference hall in La Romana, which is located in the countryside of the DR. 

Numerous talks were given at the event such as a presentation on “Building the Model couple and family for a Better Country” by Dr.Melén Trinidad Moralez and the keynote address given by Sr.Regelado, president of the Family Federation in Santo Domingo, which was about “The Ideal Model of a Pair and Family under Universal Principles”. 
All the statements shared throughout these presentations came together to emphasize the value of developing a stronger God-centered marriage which, in turn would act as the solid core for a better family, better society, better nation, and ultimately a better world. 


32 couples were in attendance, and the environment was created for them to more deeply understand the value of their relationship and also recommit to one another. The event was a success in that God was really opening the hearts of all those in attendance, helping us all understand the depth and beauty of inviting God into our lives through offering our most precious relationships to Him. 

“We are living in a society deprived and lacking of true love. To bring true love back you need to have a Divine Principled way of loving.” 
-Pastor Levi M.B. Daugherty 

This has been a precious growing experience for us thus far. We’re really grateful to be able to take on this mission and moving forward, we are determined to make the most of this opportunity and leave a plus.


Dobry Den from the Cezch!

Game night:
On Tuesday, guests were invited to headquarters for family time! We played a classic Czech game called Carcassonne! Everyone had fun, explaining the game, getting confused and laughing even more at the confusion. All in all, it was a very successful event!



Intro Lecture:
We had our 2nd introduction to Divine Principle lecture at the witnessing center and it was given by our very own CIG missionary Micheal Cordero. It was a guest friendly lecture that had many real life examples in it for everyone to understand and connect to. It was very exciting because we had 4 new guests come and attend and we all were able to share openly and honestly about topics such as, contradiction within ourselves, religion and science and attaining true happiness. All 4 of our guests are interested in attending more events and or studying Divine Principle with us!



Peace Talk:
“What is most valuable in your life?” A profound question that we asked guests during our first ever Peace Talk! We read quotes from highly regarded philosophers, religious teachers and texts to open our minds to think deeper into our lives. Even for us, we all thought about how we can apply the principle, “The most valuable thing in life is love” to our daily lives. The guests that attended are excited to come to the next events!



¡Hola! Greetings from your American CIG family here in Costa Rica!

This past week has been an eventful week for all of us! We experienced two cultural events, a 1-Day Divine Principle Workshop, witnessing and meetups with our guests, and a special event commemorating the inauguration of YSP in Costa Rica! We also had the pleasure of having Mama Concha, join us in our activities and help share some motherly love!

As American CIG missionaries, we were able to have some of our guests attend the Korean And Japanese culture events! Each of these guests had a great time, and our hope is that we will able to take steps to invest and strengthen their life of faith in the near future!

 Participants of the Korean Culture Event gather for a group picture!

Participants of the Korean Culture Event gather for a group picture!

This past week, Sasha became a spiritual grandmother when her spiritual daughter, Andrea, invited her friend kimberly to join our events this week!. Kimberly was inspired by what she had learned at the DP workshop, and by the end of the day, she signed up to be an official CARP member!

 Sasha(on the right) with her spiritual daughter, Andrea(in the middle), and her spiritual granddaughter Kimberly (to the right) at the 1-Day Spanish DP Workshop!

Sasha(on the right) with her spiritual daughter, Andrea(in the middle), and her spiritual granddaughter Kimberly (to the right) at the 1-Day Spanish DP Workshop!

Saturday was an important day, as we commemorated the inauguration of Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) in Costa Rica! Our CARP Costa Rica President, Sr. Manho Woo, was inaugurated as president for YSP Costa Rica. we had several speakers including congressman and leaders of the CARP group here in Costa Rica. Afterwards each group of missionaries, Korean, Japanese, American and even the Costa Rican local CARP members had the chance to offer performances for all the attendees. At the end we all came together one last time as a united CARP Costa Rica group to offer a song and conclude the event. The audience joined in as their hearts were opened and people where moved to tears as we all sang "One Family Under God" and renewed our commitment to move towards creating a peaceful Costa Rica where we can all serve and love eachother centered on God.

 Singing “Where Peace Begins (One Family Under God)” as one family around the world centered on God and True Parents!

Singing “Where Peace Begins (One Family Under God)” as one family around the world centered on God and True Parents!

Eventful week in Prague!

Last week was one busy week for the CIG missionaries in Prague. Check out the activities we were involved in!

Universal Peace Federation Event:
On Tuesday evening, we attended an interfaith peace event! Several religious representatives were able to attend and share in the common goal of peace and unity around the world. We broke up into small groups and discussed our religious histories and how we can positively affect the future. It was an amazing experience to be able to share freely and listen to the different perspectives of faiths. Afterwards, it was beautiful to see everyone mingled and talking of their own accord, almost forgetting the stereotypical and historical tension between them. We also met a group of young, American Mormon missionaries who deeply inspired us.



University Lecture:
Carp holds a lecture every other week at the Charles University in Prague. It is a prestigious university in Europe and it is a blessing that they can have lectures centered on Principle on this campus. This past week we had a lecture on the difference of man and women. The lecturer shared about the 5 different love languages. As men and women we all receive and give love in different ways.


Peace Blessing and Valentine's Ball:
We helped with organizing a peace blessing! Over a 100 people came to attend and recommit their marriage to each other centered on True Love. We had performances from a orchestral quartet.  Afterwards there was a valentines ball, playing classic Czech songs so the couples were able to ballroom dance. It was a night of smiles, laughter, and love.


So Far, So Great in the DR!

Hola from our team here in the amazing Dominican Republic~ 
We have been here for more than 3 weeks already; time has really gone by so fast!

We have learned so much about the culture and have gotten to know the brothers and sisters here. We are coming to love this beautiful country more and more with each passing day. We live together with 15 other CARP DOM(Domincan Republic) members as well as four missionaries from Japan. We all stay together at the CARP center, which is located near the central part of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic. The center is approximately a 5 minute walk from the Universidad Autómo de Santo Domingo, locally known as UASD, where many of the CARP members attend as students.

2018 1-18 (09).JPG

Fun fact: The UASD, campus we witness at, is the first established university in all of America, North and South, established back in the 1500s, almost 500 year’s ago! 

Classes at UASD have finally officially started for the year, so our daily schedule has been busy and fast paced. We spend the morning preparing for the day, studying God's word, setting our intentions, and creating a warm and loving environment at the center to welcome anyone who will visit that day. 

We love the CARP Dominican Republic family that we have here! Learning to live with so many different characters but standing strong in the connection of truth and faith that we share allows us to see one another as family. There is so much our team from the USA can learn from the Dominican Republic members as well as the Japanese missionaries.

Witnessing has allowed us to meet many different students at USAD from all different backgrounds, career choices and personalities. 

2018 1-16 (22).jpg

Working together with the CARP team we have experienced the beauty of creating an environment where one can feel free to be themselves embraced by encouragment, support and positivity. We’ve all been hard at work to give our all in every moment, keeping in mind that this experience is only as valuable and life-changing as we make it. 

We have many events planned this month so stay tuned!


Costa Rica 3 weeks in!

¡Pura vida! It’s our American CIG family in Costa Rica keeping you updated! In our second week in Costa Rica, our American Cheon Il Guk missionary coordinator, Kenzo Tanaka, arrived to be with us for one week in our mission country!

 On Thursday, January 25th, we visited the National Park, a holy ground in Costa Rica with our American CIG missionary coordinator, Kenzo Tanaka. We had time to pray at the holy and have some reflection.

On Thursday, January 25th, we visited the National Park, a holy ground in Costa Rica with our American CIG missionary coordinator, Kenzo Tanaka. We had time to pray at the holy and have some reflection.

During the week, we also worked on growing our hearts for Costa Rica through interacting with the brothers and sisters here in CARP through various activities, as well as through our continued efforts to go out witnessing!

At the end of our third week in Costa Rica, the 21-Day Costa Rica Leadership Training Program reached its conclusion. Sr. Manho gave closing remarks to everyone, and participants, Bryan and Michelle, shared their testimonies about their personal experiences being a part of the workshop. Earlier in the week, Michelle’s father had wanted to pull Michelle out of the workshop after doing personal research about CARP at home. However, after arriving at the CARP Center to take Michelle home, Michelle’s father went through a transformative experience of having a negative perspective of CARP to one that is now positive and supportive after seeing all the brothers and sisters who came out to greet him and send Michelle off and experiencing the environment of love that CARP has. She was able to return after two days to finish the workshop, and her father even came to Sunday service the following week!

 Participants of the workshop who completed two weeks of fundraising gather for a picture with Japanese, Korean, and American missionaries!

Participants of the workshop who completed two weeks of fundraising gather for a picture with Japanese, Korean, and American missionaries!

On Saturday morning, we were able to participate in a conference call with American, Japanese, and Korean missionaries who have helped CARP Costa Rica in the past couple years! It’s inspiring to know that former missionaries are continuing to be involved with Costa Rica and it’s various CARP activities!

 On early Saturday morning, we participated in a CARP Costa Rica conference call with a number of former American, Japanese, and Korean missionaries!   

On early Saturday morning, we participated in a CARP Costa Rica conference call with a number of former American, Japanese, and Korean missionaries!


Ahoy from Prague!

In coordination with Youth and Students for Peace we helped to organize and attend our first culture night! Along with some guests we learned how to create paper masterpieces with help from a Japanese mom! We loved the opportunity to bond, laugh at our mistakes and realize the most important thing was to have fun in each other’s company as brothers and sisters. Another event we had was sushi night. Everyone who attended was embraced by the Japanese culture and we were able to fill up our stomachs. It was an enjoyable time to mingle and get to know new people.

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We had our first Introduction to the Divine Principle lecture given at the witnessing center. It was given by our own CIG missionary, Ikusei Nagai. There was one guest that attended and after the lecture he had many good questions and was excited to study Divine Principle in the coming weeks.


We had the opportunity to attend a half day Divine Principle workshop with the theme, “Peace Begins with Me.” We learned how to practice Divine Principle in a more practical way to apply it to our daily lives. The content covered an ideal world and how to achieve that goal on a personal level. Our lecturers, Petra and Veronika each shared in their own ways how they’ve been able to positively impact their lives by practicing these principles.




¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? ¡Estamos en el hermoso país de Costa Rica! On January 14th in the afternoon, we arrived safely at the Juan Santamaría International Airport in San José, Costa Rica! At the airport, we were greeted by our CARP Costa Rica leader, Manho Woo, and by one the earliest CARP Costa Rica member, Eduardo Barboza.

 We have arrived at the Juan Santamaría International Airport!

We have arrived at the Juan Santamaría International Airport!


Almost right after we arrived in this beautiful country, we were given the opportunity to meet with Rev. Sang Seuk Kim, the Latin America Regional President for FFWPU, as well as Takayoshi Kageyama, the director for second generation in our movement in Costa Rica. After talking with Rev. Dang Seuk Kim, we went to the CARP center and met the Japanese and Korean missionaries staying there, as well as the 21-day Costa Rica Leadership Training Program participants.

 We met Rev. Sang Seuk Kim, the Latin America Regional President for FFWPU!

We met Rev. Sang Seuk Kim, the Latin America Regional President for FFWPU!

 Here is all of us at the CARP Center with CARP Costa Rica, Japanese missionaries, and Korean missionaries!

Here is all of us at the CARP Center with CARP Costa Rica, Japanese missionaries, and Korean missionaries!

During the next few days, we took  time to get settled into our new home, and to understand and experience the lifestyle of those living at the CARP center. We also visited the campus we will be witnessing at for the next four months, the Universidad de Costa Rica, and were able to listen to testimonies from the workshop participants. Being able to hear about their experiences CARP, and how much love they felt through the family atmosphere throughout He workshop was a very moving experience!!

first witnessing day.jpg

We also received an orientation about witnessing, as well as a personal testimony about how CARP Costa Rica had started from Sr. Manho. Hearing about the foundation that Sr. Manho has created for CARP Costa Rica has encouraged us to want to support CARP Costa Rica even more. Although there will be many challenges ahead of us, we hope to be able to grow though our experiences, and support CARP here in sharing God’s love to the country of Costa Rica!

 CARP leader Sr. Manho sharing his life testimony and his experiences starting CARP Costa Rica!

CARP leader Sr. Manho sharing his life testimony and his experiences starting CARP Costa Rica!

 Going out witnessing on the first day!

Going out witnessing on the first day!


After many months of training, preparation and fundraising we have finally arrived in Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic, on the evening of the 14th. We were warmly welcomed by the community and members from CARP here.

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We felt excited and thrilled to be in this new environment meeting many new people and familiarizing ourselves with our home for the next four months.

The day following our arrival we were able to tour around the city, grateful to be surrounded by the warm weather and just a five minute walk  away from the ocean. We had the opportunity to go on a tour of Los Tres Ojos(The 3 eyes) , a popular natural park in Santo Domingo, featuring three open-air limestone caved lakes surrounded by the greenery and wildlife all around. 


We continued our tour by visiting other historical sights such as, Catedral Primada de America the first church built in Latin America.


We've had a strong start to our four month stay here in the Dominican Republic, feeling already so much love from our beautiful surroundings. The enthusiasm of the Dominican people has excited us to grow our hearts through the experiences we will have here.


Czech Republic: Arrival

The Cheon Il Guk American Youth Missionaries have finally landed in Czech Republic! The first two days we toured the historic city of Prague, taking in all its beauty and learning more of its illustrious history. We observed the deep background of the Czech people while also stopping now and then for some food and fun. Prague has many amazing sights and we are prepared to love it and its people with God’s love as our guide!

01-16-18 (12)_preview.jpeg

Eager to share our blessings, we ventured onto the Czech University campus to visit the place where we will be reaching out to students for the next three months. While interacting with the students, we have become more and more immersed in the culture and history of the Czech Republic. We are so excited to give to the people of this country and share God's love.