LV - Campus Outreach!

It’s been a busy time for the CIGs in Las Vegas. Over the last few days we’ve been really investing in the campus out reach we’ve been doing with CARP. We spent most of the mornings and afternoons talking to different students and professors, and inviting them to the events that we have. It’s been a great opportunity to be able to connect with people from so many different cultures and backgrounds, and bring them all together to a space where they can have free and open dialogue and communication on some of the deeper questions we have in life.

10:17.1 - Setting up booth.JPG

 On Tuesday evening at the CSN campus, we held one of our bi-weekly “Tribe Talks”, creating an open space for communication and sharing. There we talked about happiness, and how our actions and desires can lead us towards or away from long lasting happiness. It was a short, yet deep discussion, and many people could understand not only the importance of taking actions with our future, long-term happiness in mind, but the importance of keeping the happiness of others in mind, as well.

 Sometimes it’s nice to slow down for an evening. On Wednesday, we received the opportunity to visit a local Methodist church, and join their mid-week service and discussion. It was a time of fellowship and inspiration, and there was a mutually beneficial effect that the missionaries and the congregation had on each other. They were inspired by our youth and vigor, and we were inspired by their wisdom and caring hearts. Everyone had a lot to share, especially about the passages from the Gospels we read. Taking the time to go back to God’s word was a much needed source of inspiration.

10:17 - Methodist Church.jpg

It’s been a pretty fun and active week for us, and we’re ready for even more!