LA - The Training Begins!

Hi everybody-
Welcome to the Cheon il Guk missionary blog (Kingdom of Heaven)!
This is a new year with a new group of missionaries. We'll be updating on our activities on a more regular basis. Starting with our most recent activities in  Las Vegas, NV and Las Angeles, CA! There are 19 CIG missionaries and 10 are in LV and the other 9 are in LA.
This is an update from the LA group-

Cooking dinner as a team!

Cooking dinner as a team!

We as CIGM are gathered here in Pasadena House, a center that's available for missionaries and church activities all year long. Currently, along with us CIGM, there's Japanese and Korean missionaries living here, too.
Together, representatives from these three nations are trained by the Japanese elders here in LA and receive abundance of guidance and wisdom of what it's like to love and serve others as God would.

10:18 - PCC, Yasu, Soonmee witnessing.JPG

Throughout the day during the week, the team pairs off and goes out reaching out to the youth we meet on the PCC campus. A few of us even receive the opportunity to do studies with them at the PCC cafeteria, reading scriptures, or even having a little bonding time through conversations in between.

10:18 - PCC, Miyuki, Sotetsu, Josh, Yasu.JPG

On Wednesday, we attended a weekly event called War Room, where members of the Los Angeles CARP spends the evening singing and offering prayers of devotion for the success of God’s work through Los Angeles CARP.

10:18 - War Room, circle.JPG

It has been an eventful week so far, and we’re ready for even more!