LA - Successful Start to a New Week

Hello from the LA team!

This Friday, October 12, we received the opportunity to attend an event held by LA CARP at the Cypress Colloquium, at Cypress Community College. The event was a rally created to discuss the importance of harmony between professors and students on the college campus. Dr. Thomas Selover, President of the Professors World Peace Academy, gave the main address. Some of the key points expressed were the ideas of interdependence between professors and students, in that both need each other to fulfill their goals, and how the goals of professors and students aren’t that different after all! 


On Sunday, we attended service at the Los Angeles Family church, the service starting off with multiple christian worship songs performed by the church band and a group of praise singers on stage raising the atmosphere with their charisma and enthusiasm.

The sermon, given by Pastor George Kazakas, was on how our thoughts and emotions impact the world around us, the positivity we exude, the decisions we make to forgive or to love, and how those things bring us closer to a world of peace.

On Monday, we started our witnessing training at the Pasadena City College, and have been working with the people there for the past week. Our main purpose during this time has been to start a discussion with the students on campus about the key questions of life such as it’s purpose, the nature of good and evil, and how to create a better world. We go out in pairs and trios and share with the students on campus as well as to invite them to further discussions at the nearby campus cafe.

Miyuki Granstrom and Joshua Fujikake studying scripture with a guest.

Miyuki Granstrom and Joshua Fujikake studying scripture with a guest.

“It was a challenging day but it allowed me to push myself to understand what the person was trying to express to me and what kind of heart they have. It brought me a lot of hope to hear how they wanted to make the world a better place, and what they do in their own families to try to make the world more compassionate and loving. More specifically, these two girls were named Sarah and Catherine. They were separate people but both of them had a sense of wanting to do what they felt to be right.” ~ Miyuki Granstrom
(From left to right) Soonmee Iwasaki, Miyuki Granstrom, Yutaka Ono.

(From left to right) Soonmee Iwasaki, Miyuki Granstrom, Yutaka Ono.

We have been learning so much so far and we can’t wait to continue onwards in our training as we finish our time here and switch places with our sister group in Las Vegas!  

We love you all and have a blessed week!