So Far, So Great in the DR!

Hola from our team here in the amazing Dominican Republic~ 
We have been here for more than 3 weeks already; time has really gone by so fast!

We have learned so much about the culture and have gotten to know the brothers and sisters here. We are coming to love this beautiful country more and more with each passing day. We live together with 15 other CARP DOM(Domincan Republic) members as well as four missionaries from Japan. We all stay together at the CARP center, which is located near the central part of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic. The center is approximately a 5 minute walk from the Universidad Autómo de Santo Domingo, locally known as UASD, where many of the CARP members attend as students.

2018 1-18 (09).JPG

Fun fact: The UASD, campus we witness at, is the first established university in all of America, North and South, established back in the 1500s, almost 500 year’s ago! 

Classes at UASD have finally officially started for the year, so our daily schedule has been busy and fast paced. We spend the morning preparing for the day, studying God's word, setting our intentions, and creating a warm and loving environment at the center to welcome anyone who will visit that day. 

We love the CARP Dominican Republic family that we have here! Learning to live with so many different characters but standing strong in the connection of truth and faith that we share allows us to see one another as family. There is so much our team from the USA can learn from the Dominican Republic members as well as the Japanese missionaries.

Witnessing has allowed us to meet many different students at USAD from all different backgrounds, career choices and personalities. 

2018 1-16 (22).jpg

Working together with the CARP team we have experienced the beauty of creating an environment where one can feel free to be themselves embraced by encouragment, support and positivity. We’ve all been hard at work to give our all in every moment, keeping in mind that this experience is only as valuable and life-changing as we make it. 

We have many events planned this month so stay tuned!