Dobry Den from the Cezch!

Game night:
On Tuesday, guests were invited to headquarters for family time! We played a classic Czech game called Carcassonne! Everyone had fun, explaining the game, getting confused and laughing even more at the confusion. All in all, it was a very successful event!



Intro Lecture:
We had our 2nd introduction to Divine Principle lecture at the witnessing center and it was given by our very own CIG missionary Micheal Cordero. It was a guest friendly lecture that had many real life examples in it for everyone to understand and connect to. It was very exciting because we had 4 new guests come and attend and we all were able to share openly and honestly about topics such as, contradiction within ourselves, religion and science and attaining true happiness. All 4 of our guests are interested in attending more events and or studying Divine Principle with us!



Peace Talk:
“What is most valuable in your life?” A profound question that we asked guests during our first ever Peace Talk! We read quotes from highly regarded philosophers, religious teachers and texts to open our minds to think deeper into our lives. Even for us, we all thought about how we can apply the principle, “The most valuable thing in life is love” to our daily lives. The guests that attended are excited to come to the next events!