DR: Welcome to this Month's Update

Hola! Wow time has been going by so fast since we arrived here in this beautiful country in January! We are making our way into February and are already experiencing so much. Here is how it has been going so far:


The month of February started with a wonderful opportunity to support the annual Women’s Federation for World Peace meeting held on February 4th! In this meeting we were able to see the fruit of the community’s efforts toward creating a deeper culture of heart in the family, community, nation and the world in order to achieve genuine and sustainable world peace under God. 

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Some of their accomplishments in the past year included a Pure Love Rally, numerous character education talks, conferences on creating the ideal family, and the start up of a new program involving volunteers reading educational books to kindergarten kids. 
It was amazing to see the heart and teamwork of the Women’s Federation members in their determination to invest into every opportunity this year. The meeting concluded with the declarations, hopes, and re-determinations for this new year. 

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We as the USA CIG missionaries collaborated with 5 active CARP members to offer a song for the event, singing “How Far I’ll Go” in both English and Spanish. 


It was a wonderful experience and we were happy to be in an environment of strong men and women passionate for World Peace. 
“History is calling for reconciliation, compassion, love, service and sacrifice. Today’s problems cannot be solved by the logic of power... Our present problems can only be solved by the logic of love.” - Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon


On the 7th we visited a farm owned by the Family Federation in the mountains. It's a beautiful property of 57 acres filled with trees, a flowing river and many animals as well. They are developing a training center  where people can take some time for a workshop or seminar and focus solely on their growth and studying God's words with other brothers and sisters. We took a tour with Rev. Dae Hee Hong, special emissary of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, who is leading the planning, and we could really see the potential and progress of this project.

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The highlight of this outing was a guidance from Rev. Hong. He shared a personal testimony on what it means to have a mission. He really emphasized that this mission isn't just to help and serve others, which is so important, but God is really giving us a precious opportunity to cultivate our own hearts. What we're gaining here is for the sake of our future and the people we impact later on in our course. We were all deeply inspired by his words and it helped us to redetermine ourselves.

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This past Saturday, on February 17th, we had the opportunity to support an inter-religious blessing event sponsored by the Family Federation and American Clergy Leadership Conference. 
The event took place in a conference hall in La Romana, which is located in the countryside of the DR. 

Numerous talks were given at the event such as a presentation on “Building the Model couple and family for a Better Country” by Dr.Melén Trinidad Moralez and the keynote address given by Sr.Regelado, president of the Family Federation in Santo Domingo, which was about “The Ideal Model of a Pair and Family under Universal Principles”. 
All the statements shared throughout these presentations came together to emphasize the value of developing a stronger God-centered marriage which, in turn would act as the solid core for a better family, better society, better nation, and ultimately a better world. 


32 couples were in attendance, and the environment was created for them to more deeply understand the value of their relationship and also recommit to one another. The event was a success in that God was really opening the hearts of all those in attendance, helping us all understand the depth and beauty of inviting God into our lives through offering our most precious relationships to Him. 

“We are living in a society deprived and lacking of true love. To bring true love back you need to have a Divine Principled way of loving.” 
-Pastor Levi M.B. Daugherty 

This has been a precious growing experience for us thus far. We’re really grateful to be able to take on this mission and moving forward, we are determined to make the most of this opportunity and leave a plus.