Prague's Weekly Update!


Trip to Germany:
At the beginning of the week we had the opportunity to go to Dresden, Germany. We received guidance on witnessing and life of faith habits from one of our staff members from the USA. While in Germany we also went to a museum and many cathedrals. Through visiting these different places we could understand more of the history of Europe and Germany. Because there is a lot of pain and dark history in Europe we as CIG missionaries are here to share God's love to the people.



Public Lecture:
“The present changes the past. Looking back you do not find what you left behind.” Many times in our lives we look to the past with no hope to change it. But on Thursday we became acquainted with a psychiatric technique called Life-Mapping! A method in which we can write out or draw certain aspects of our lives in order to understand ourselves and how to make our present and future better. The lecturer was accompanied by a patient who had also gone through the process and wanted to share her story. Many people were able to attend and we even had the opportunity to create our own mini life map consisting of negative thoughts that often come up.


Peace Talk:
This week for Peace Talk we discussed the question, “Are we inherently selfish?” Guests were able to open up and freely talk with one another about the times in their lives where they’ve instinctively wanted to do good. In the end we learned from the principle, “The essence of our true nature is to care for others before ourselves.” It was something that we could all agree to and at the same time, promise to actively live for the sake of others.


Cleaning Up Prague: 

This Saturday we gathered as a small group and went on a walk to a lake. On the way we had our gloves on and our bags ready to pick up trash. It was definitely very nice to go out on the weekend and serve the city in a small way. We are here to serve and love Prague in any way we can!