Ahoy from Prague!

In coordination with Youth and Students for Peace we helped to organize and attend our first culture night! Along with some guests we learned how to create paper masterpieces with help from a Japanese mom! We loved the opportunity to bond, laugh at our mistakes and realize the most important thing was to have fun in each other’s company as brothers and sisters. Another event we had was sushi night. Everyone who attended was embraced by the Japanese culture and we were able to fill up our stomachs. It was an enjoyable time to mingle and get to know new people.

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We had our first Introduction to the Divine Principle lecture given at the witnessing center. It was given by our own CIG missionary, Ikusei Nagai. There was one guest that attended and after the lecture he had many good questions and was excited to study Divine Principle in the coming weeks.


We had the opportunity to attend a half day Divine Principle workshop with the theme, “Peace Begins with Me.” We learned how to practice Divine Principle in a more practical way to apply it to our daily lives. The content covered an ideal world and how to achieve that goal on a personal level. Our lecturers, Petra and Veronika each shared in their own ways how they’ve been able to positively impact their lives by practicing these principles.