Another Week in the Beautiful City of Prague!

Sightseeing in Czech Republic!

On Tuesday we attended another special lecture at the esteemed Charles University, this time on the topic of, “Near Death Experiences.” The lecturer discussed various feeling of what it means to have a “near death experience” and also presented testimonies from around the world. Afterwards, the audience was able to share their own, or another’s experiences on this topic. We also learned more on how our physical actions can affect our spiritual bodies as explained through the Divine Principle. It was an enlightening lecture and broadened our minds to the world around and inside us.


Peace Talk:
We were able to end our week with Peace Talk! There were 4 guests that came and attended the event. The topic was, "How can I overcome conflict in my relationships?" Know matter who you are, this is a question we ask ourselves in our life. The universal principle that answered this question was, "True love requires taking responsibility in our relationships to love those who acted against us." We all could agree that we have to take responsibility in our relationships to be vulnerable and honest. This is how we can overcome conflict and become closer to one another.