Weekly Update in Prague

We've been at the Czech Technical University, reaching out to students, for the past 2 months now. It has been such an interesting and learning experience. There are many people that are open to share and we're learning that the people in Czech republic are very deep and conscientious. Everyday is a day of a mixture of excitement, nervousness and maybe sometimes it feels repetitive but we're grateful that we get to talk to and get to know many students.The anticipation to share the principle with others and the excitement to meet someone that will respond, is what keeps us going everyday.



One Day Divine Principle Workshop:
We had another one day workshop with even more of our CIG team giving lectures! Along with Marek Samec, a local Czech Republic member, we presented the principle with relatable examples on how the Divine Principle can apply to their lives. It was an important opportunity to practice giving Divine Principle lectures, and to revitalize ourselves. We worked hard to understand more about the sections we were lecturing, and in order to do that we had to make sure the principle made sense to ourselves. It was a significant workshop for us in our life of faith to take the chance and share what we know about principle to an audience. One guest especially liked hearing the lecture on Restoration and she had positive give and take with the lecturer. We had the opportunity to sing songs with the guests and create an atmosphere of love.


"This 1 day workshop we were able to have 2 guests come and attend. One of these guests is a sister that I have been able to be with since the beginning. So her coming and attending this workshop was really special. I have been able to study Divine Principle with her for the past month and half and it has really been an amazing experience for the both of us. We have gone through all of the Principles of Creation. For me, I have learned so much more about the Principle through doing my best to teach it to her. She has connected to many of the principles that we learn from the 1st chapter such as the 3 great blessings and the growing periods. It is so beautiful to see how open she is to read the principle and attend the workshop and listen to lectures on the principle. One reason why she says she comes back to the witnessing center every time is because she feels love from us. She genuinely feels a family atmosphere when she comes to study. We are learning that witnessing is not all about sharing just the principle but it is embodying it and creating that heavenly culture of true love."         - Elissa DiLorenzo