Starting the New Month off Strong!

1 day Divine Principle Seminar:
This Saturday we were able to hold a half day Divine Principle Seminar. This was an opportunity for new people to hear and overview of what is in the Divine Principle. There were 4 lectures given and one lecture was given by our very own Micheal Cordero. He shared about the Principles of Creation very confidently and enthusiastically and made very relatable examples. As Youth and Students for Peace we were able to bring 3 guests to this seminar. One guest shared, "That lecture really changed my views on many things. I liked the talk about oneness of all people in the world irrespective of their religion or race!"


International dinner:
“Food is love.” Nothing brings people together more than food, so we invited guests to bring signature dishes from their countries! It was a great turn out and we were challenged to learn something new about different cultures. After the dinner, we had a chance to share what we were able to learn from one another. It was a great chance to see that, at the end of the day, we’re all God’s children, hoping to make a better world.