Hola! From Your DR CIG Sisters

GPA’s arrival

Hola brothers and sisters! 
Recently it’s been raining a lot here in the Dominican Republic, often in the afternoon spontaneously in short time intervals. In the midst of the weather and busy CARP activities, 19 participants from Generation Peace Academy finally arrived to Santo Domingo on the 21st of February. For the next 21 days they will be investing into service projects, community outreach, and of course immersing themselves in the Dominican Republic culture. 


Prior to the trip they have been preparing for their projects through fundraising and learning about the country. They have come with open hearts determined not just to serve this country but, most importantly, experience God’s love through their time here. 


As CIG missionaries we have already been here for about 5 weeks and with this foundation we hope to be the best support we can be for these brothers and sisters so that they are able to have an exciting and growth filled experience.

Sports Festival

On the 24th, CARP held a “sports festival event” to welcome the GPA participants and help them connect to the CARP members and missionaries. 
We played volleyball, soccer, and basketball and since it was our first time playing sports all together it was a fun way to come together. 


It was definitely a bonding experience for everyone. 
The CARP members invested so much effort into getting to know the GPA members. 
Regardless of any differences or language barriers they were able to open up to each other through simply enjoying sports and time together. 

After lunch, it began to rain very hard to the point where no other than our group remained playing on any of the courts.
We chose to enjoy the rain too, and embrace it as just another challenge in the game. 
Eventually, we were all out in the rain, enjoying our time together. We could learn from each other and, more importantly, grow closer through this experience. 


It was just the beginning for our different groups to come together and create the culture and environment that makes everyone feel welcome.

GPA's First Day of Witnessing

On the second day following their  arrival, the GPA group joined us for the day at our CARP center to receive an orientation to witnessing here in the Dom Republic. 


They were provided a guidance by our center leader Jake Lavina, and heard testimonies from Sor, a Dominican sister and Alyse, a brother from Haiti (both are currently living as full time members at the CARP center) who shared their profound experiences with studying the Divine Principle and seeing the positive change CARP has helped them make in their lives.  
After the orientation we as missionaries and the Dominican CARP members assisted the 19 members in their first witnessing run here in the DR.


It was exciting for them to meet many open hearted and seeking university students through their outreach and it was wonderful for us to experience sharing the Dominican Republic with our brothers and sisters. 


We were able to invite many new people to check out the CARP center and meet the members there. 
In addition to the witnessing on Friday the GPA group returned to the campus on Monday and also did a small service and outreach project, allowing them to invest even more love into the students and school. CARP members and missionaries supported the group in picking up trash and interacting with the students.