On Sunday Feb-18th In the afternoon, Héroes, a service project-oriented group that is part of CARP Costa Rica, held a workshop entitled “Why We Do Volunteering”. The workshop was an opportunity for members and guests to share about the past and upcoming activities of Héroes and to identify and discuss about important issues in Costa Rica and how we as the youth can play a role in solving these issues. We finished the workshop inspired and ready to go as we discussed and shared about the value and importance of volunteering.


On Tuesday (2/20), we had the opportunity to spend some time together as an American CIG family as well as with Mama Concha, Eduardo(local CARP vice president), and Sra. Daisy(CARP Divine Principle workshop Lecturer).  We had the blessing of going to Charrarra, a natural park and enjoying the refreshing beauty of Gods creation.           

We were absorbed into Charrarra’s natural beauty of mountains, trees, grass, flowers, and its lake, Lago Cachí. We enjoyed horseback riding through the natural landscape and had lunch in the field of a coffee farm during a little break. For many of us, it was our first time going horseback riding! It was truly an amazing experience in which we could feel God’s love through nature and riding on the horses. Afterwards on our way back to the CARP center we had the chance to connect with Costa Ricas Catholic roots as we stopped by a famous Catholic cathedral and learned the story its origin.


On Wednesday (2/21), The missionaries and CARP Costa Rica leaders organized an outing to a nearby trampoline park as an opportunity to thank the CARP members and guests for all of their hard work and investments into making Costa Rica a truly amazing country. We enjoyed the opportunity to spend time connecting and having fun with each other. In total, there were over 30 of us that went.


Earlier in the week, we were inspired to hear Mama Concha share her life testimony about her experiences joining the movement and the lessons that she had learned. We gave her a send-off on Thursday as she returned to the United States. We appreciate Mama Concha’s love and motherly heart for everyone in CARP Costa Rica!


On Friday and Saturday (2/23 – 2/24), we held a 2-day Divine Principle workshop at the CARP center covering Introduction to the Second Coming. There were 6 guests total that came and that signed up to be a part of CARPs growing family. Our guest shared that he felt really connected with CARP and that he could feel the love and family culture with the brothers and sisters around him at the CARP Center. It was inspiring to hear that he could feel grateful for learning the Divine Principle and understanding more about God. We hope to continue to invest and share love with the guests that we invite to CARP Costa Rica!

Felipe Joined CARP after hearing Divine Principle during the 2 day workshop

Felipe Joined CARP after hearing Divine Principle during the 2 day workshop

On Tuesday Feb-27th the fifth anniversary of Foundation Day was celebrated here in Costa Rica! We gathered at the local church, and we watched the live broadcast of the event directly from Korea. Afterwards, each of CARP Costa Rica’s missionary groups—Korean, Japanese, and American—CARP Costa Rica’s own tico and tica members, and the second generation members, offered song and dance performances for everyone that had gathered.

pic25 foundation day.jpg
pic23 foundation day.jpg

Our American CIG missionary coordinator, Kenzo Tanaka, visited us this past week, and we went on a two day retreat! On Wednesday and Thursday, we were in La Fortuna, and visited several locations including the Ecological Reserve Fortuna Waterfall, a hot springs, and the Arenal Volcano National Park.

pic26 arenal volcano.jpg