Our Last month in the Dominican Republic!



We as the CIG USA missionary team have  only one month left in our mission country before we head back to the U.S. so every day we have left is even more precious and we are filled with determination to support this CARP chapter and this nation.
One big event that was held a couple days ago was the official inaguration and opening of the CARP center. Though CARP has been gathering, conducting events and growing here in the Dominican Republic since 2001, they never officially opened and registered a center before. Numerous renovations had also been made with long the past few months so this was overall a very momentous occasion and our team was able to support this event in many ways; we served as the MC, Decorating committee, helped out with cooking and did anything else that was needed to make the event happen.
The leaders were invited to this opening to bless our center and share a few words to commemorate its official opening. After the ceremony we all shared a meal, spent time getting to know each other, and ended the night dancing. It was truly a loving and joyful new beginning for our CARP family here. We are certain the center will prosper and it’s progress will only continue from this point moving forward

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Witnessing at the center has been going well for our team! We are continuing to work with the Dominican CARP members, Japanese missionaries and all the other support we are receiving here.
Even with their tests and homework, guests continue to visit the center regularly to receive the lectures, many of them connecting deeply with the message of deeper purpose and value that the principle shares. 
We’ve also had many new members join our CARP Life program which gives them the opportunity to spend 7, 21, or 40 day time intervals to experience living at our center. It’s a really beneficial program because it allows its participants to surround themselves in a more supportive environment with peers who are also seeking to grow internally. They are given a daily schedule of goal oriented education and activities, while also being encouraged to experience spiritual practices such as prayer, reading God’s words and setting internal goals to determine themselves at every moment. Being able to support the participants has helped us grow a lot as well! 
We are continuing to understand that witnessing really is a lifestyle and attitude, not just an activity. We’re discovering the heart of love that can be shared at every moment!!!


On Saturday we held a movie night for all guests and members to attend. The film we watched is titled Wonder. It's about a boy with a facial deformity, his friends and family, and how they overcome the obstacles that arise with the beginning of new school year. It's an English movie, but we watched it dubbed in Spanish. Everyone really enjoyed it. There was popcorn, drinks, and homemade pizza! At the end their was a brief discussion about the film. But before we closed the night, everyone stood up to introduce themselves one by one, and each person was welcomed with a warm round of applause. Even though it was some of the guests 1st time, everyone is treated as family. Also one of the members mother's attended as well and was very happy to see the environment we've created here with CARP.

Kana and her guests Ashley and Sugeidy

Kana and her guests Ashley and Sugeidy

The kitchen crew having fun with one another!

The kitchen crew having fun with one another!


On the weekend of April 14th-15th a Tribal Messiahship workshop was being held for all couples at la Finca, which gave us as CARP the opportunity to coordinate the Sunday Program that Sunday.
We The sermon was given by the Leader of CARP here in the DR, Mr. Jake Laviña and the title of his talk was "Let us comfort God's heart". A lot of young people assisted, so it was a good message saying how we can comfort God's heart by growing ourselves first and creating ideal families in the future.

 Every Sunday after service we have Tongil Moo Do classes, which is a Martial Arts developed based on the application of mind body unity, circular forms, and other points from the Divine Principle. Tongil Moo Do in Korean means the Unification of all Martial Arts. During the class this Sunday many new students participated and enjoyed the practice while challenging their limitations internally and externally.



On the same day, one missionary from our team helped out a 1 day character education seminar. This seminary was held at UASD in the education department and over 180 soon to be high school teachers(in 3 months) attended to learn about the importance of character education; especially in a school environment.
The quality of education has been and continues to be an unresolved problem in Dominican Republic. The hatchling high school teachers are certified to teach chemistry, math or history etc. But they haven’t received how to teach characteristic behaviors like respect, honesty and kindness to students. This is one issue in the Dominican Republic where most of the youth are unable to receive this kind of training. Women’s federation saw this crisis and sent Sr. Regalado to give guidances on how to translate good characteristics to behavior. 

Many students were attentive and asking many question. The women’s federation hopes to continue these seminars for the youths in the Dominican Republic.

The lecturer was the president of UPF here in the DR, Mr. Cesar Regalado.

The lecturer was the president of UPF here in the DR, Mr. Cesar Regalado.