Czech - First Week!


Czech team here with an update!

After fifteen hours of traveling from Dallas, Texas, the Cheon Il Guk Missionary team arrived in Prague on January 14, Monday evening. Once there, we were welcomed by the CARP center leader Cvetko, along with two Cheon Il Guk Missionary sisters from Korea, Eungkyung and Yukie.


After our first night’s rest, we spent our first full day visiting the many different historical places in Prague. One of the first places we went to was the Downtown Union Square District - the very first traditional downtown area of the city. There, we visited Bethlehem Chapel and learned more about Jan Hus, a well known Czech theologian and philosopher, who made a significant impact of the reformation of the church during the time of the Reformation era.

We visited his memorial site, where reading his words gave us hope and excitement towards our purpose as missionaries, and our mission in coming to Czech Republic.

 "Love each other and wish the truth for everybody”

“Be alive, O nation consecrated in God, do not die”

“I believe that after the storms of rage pass, the control of your matters will return to you, O Czech people”

“Who are the warriors of God and his law” 

Afterwards, we ended the day crossing the Charles Bridge and visiting Prague Castle - the biggest existing castle in the world, as well as the official residence/office of the Czech Republic president, Miloš Zeman. There, we symbolically greeted the president within our hearts, excited for our four month long period of pioneering and outreach with CARP!

On Thursday, January 17th, we received the opportunity to participate in Peace Tribe, a weekly event that is hosted by CARP for college students. During this event, we held discussions on various topics centered on the various Principles we study in CARP. This week’s topic was: how to create fulfilling and authentic relationships in our lives.

Czech Team with Korean Missionaries and guests at Peace Tribe Event

Czech Team with Korean Missionaries and guests at Peace Tribe Event

This concluded our first official week in our mission country! We were able to learn a lot, whether through touring the city or starting to witness with the Czech Republic CARP director, Cvetko. Next week, we will be welcoming five new members to the witnessing team - participants from a gap-year program called STF Europe! We are excited to work together with them in reaching out to the people out here in this country, and for the new adventures that lies ahead of us during these next four months!