Peru - First Week

Hola from Peru Team!

It’s already been a week since we arrived in this beautiful country, and it’s starting to become a little busier.

On Monday, January 14, our team met up with our Missionary leader, Kenzo Tanaka at the Peru CARP / Church Center, where we will be staying for the next four months. We received a warm welcome there, and had the opportunity to meet the core CARP members, including Señor Omar, the CARP director, and his wife.

On Wednesday, January 16, Señor Omar and his wife took our team out sightseeing for the day in Tingo Maria, a city a twelve hour bus ride away from Lima. Once we arrived, we visited various tourist sites, including a cave at a national park called, La Cueva de Las Lechuzas (Cave of the Owls) and the Pasion Choco, a chocolate making factory that focuses on supporting the local community.

On Thursday and Friday, we focused on planning and preparing for the ten day workshop that is coming up for CARP Peru members, both new and old!

On Saturday, we went out with the CARP Peru members on their weekly fruit fundraising run. We went out to a large fruit market and went around to the various stalls, asking for fruit donations for the upcoming ten day seminar. Afterwards, we had some bonding time and went out to play soccer and volleyball with the CARP Peru members on the beach!

1.20 - Soccery with CARP Peru! .jpg

We’re already going into the second week of this four month mission period, and we’re excited for this upcoming ten day CARP workshop! Even though there are language barriers, we won’t let it get in the way of mingling with the community, and investing into and supporting our country with all our hearts!