Dominican Republic - Week 2

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Jan. 28, 2019

This week, at CARP, we began taking on different responsibilities help run the organization.
Some of them include media, choir, building maintenance, food manager, fund raising manager, contacts/ guests manager, education coordinator, Saturday events planner, etc. These were assigned to four full time members, 1 new trainee member, 3 Japanese missionaries, and 3 American missionaries.
The hope is for each person to take ownership over their responsibilities, establish a structure, a team, and create a system, which can be passed down to others!
We also welcomed a new member to a 7-day CARP life in the beginning of this week - a process that involves participants to experience a a slice of what it’s like to be involved as a full-time CARP member. After they finish a 7-day course, there's an option of doing 21 days, and afterwards, 40 days. Once they finish all three courses, they can decide to become a full-time member, and be a more active member in CARP Activities.

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Something that seems to run roughly is for different committees to communicate with one another. The desire of the director of CARP DR is for us all to learn the value of preparation rather than just "do" something, whether it be prayer, studying, or conducting numerous meetings to solidify plans. He shared briefly during his studies that "they are all so very talented and have so much potential, but they do not understand the value of preparation." As missionaries, Kuya Jake is guiding us to raise these full-time members of CARP to be the next generation of leaders. The 4 are so good-hearted and always full of thoughts; sometimes it is difficult to communicate but one thing that was witnessed this past week is that a member, Denny, completely opened up to Risako - one of the American missionaries - of what she was thinking. Crying, she talked about how "there are still so many people that are suffering even on the streets-." As missionaries, we realized this week that as much as it is crucial to reach out and invite new guests, taking care of and catering to the emotional, spiritual, mental needs of current members are just as important.
Missionaries are not going to be around all the time.
This past week opened up new insights as to what this country and the young leaders are capable of with continuous prayers, planning strategies, and effort!