Czech Republic: Entering Week Two

Check in from Czech team!

CIGYM Czech team enters their second week of their time with CARP, this time joined by STF Europe team, making their group a total of eleven full time members.


Monday through Friday, the team takes public transportation to the CARP youth center for the day’s preparation and outreach activities

Wednesday, Younng Joo hosted the second Peace Talk event attended by CIGYM, with the topic discussed being, “How can I overcome conflict in my relationships?”.

Thursday, CARP hosted their first game night at the main FFWPU center. Led by CARP president Vicky Mosner, the game night creates an atmosphere for students to come to after work and studies, to bond and feel at home and enjoy time with each other.

The biggest event from this week, on Saturday, CARP had the opportunity to help organize the Valentine’s Ball and Peace Blessing, the second Blessing event ever held in Prague! The significance of the Blessing event is to promote how important it is to raise families with the intention of creating peace in the world through each and every individual. Peace starts within the family. Through inviting people from different cultures, ages and beliefs, we all united during the event under the same goal: Peace through marriage and families.

This concludes the main activities from the week with CARP, as CIGYM continues to work with STF and KTGY to study, share and understand Divine Principle, creating a stronger foundation going into the month of February.