Peru: Finishing a Victorious Workshop!

Hola todos~!

This is the Peru team here, with an update of the past week!

A lot of different experiences were packed into these last couple days. Up until now, we’ve been helping out with the ten day workshop CARP Peru held here at the CARP Center in Lima, Peru. There were a total of around 30 participants, with a mix of old, returning, and new members alike!

We officially started the workshop on Monday, January 21. We started off the morning with several rounds of icebreaker games to help create the atmosphere for the participants and to get to know each other more. Our missionary team was in charge of planning, and setting up the games. Later on in the afternoon, we received the first lecture of the seminar from an older brother named Dokhwa Miraval.

On Thursday, January 24, the participants created a Peace Designer’s Table - an activity that involves brainstorming ideas on how to solve different issues and problems that are in the world, and help create that one step forward closer to peace. This time, the participants focused on figuring out what kind of problems affect the society in their communities, and think of ways to help solve the problem through their individual efforts, no matter how big or small. After creating a poster presenting their idea, the participants shared them with the rest of the group.

On Saturday, January 26, the participants had the opportunity to practice their debate skills! Each team received a random topic they had to support, and go against an opposing team. The debate topics were: the existence of God, gender equality, and sexual morality. Each team had to some time to research either the pros or cons of their topic before going up to present their arguments in front of the whole workshop.

On Sunday January 27, the workshop participants spent the morning walking around Lima, doing an activity that required walking to various checkpoints that were scattered around the area. We walked from the CARP center, to a few parks, and even down to the beach!

On Monday, January 28, the group had a small field trip the whole day, going out on a boat ride and touring to various small islands. We learned about the local wildlife there, and even had some time to buy souvenirs before we started on the two hour drive home. At the end of the day, we held a testimony night to share about our experiences about the workshop so far.

On Tuesday, Janurary 29, the workshop participants did an activity that involved writing out what their dreams for the future are. Afterwards, they gathered into small groups and shared them with each other. Later on, the participants received a presentation that explained about eh values we practice in CARP, and what full-time CARP members do. We also received a testimony from one of our American missionary team members, Yasuhiro Ishiyama! At the end of the day, they held a Culture Night, where everyone was free to show off their various talents and skills to everyone! There was a lot of singing, dancing, and even a few skits!

Wednesday, January 30th was the last day of the workshop! We finished off with one final lecture about Pure Love, and the importance of protecting our purity before marriage. We received testimonies from our very own American missionaries, Kana Ishii and Sotetsu Honda on their personal experiences on the topic. Afterwards, we took group pictures together with the whole workshop, and hung out until it was time for the participants to return home.

This week was really packed, and full of amazing experiences!

Peru team is now transitioning into witnessing, as well as helping to support another workshop, this time for high schoolers! We’re looking forward to the new adventures ahead!

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