Peru: Finishing the First Full Week of Witnessing!

Hola todos~!

This week marks the first official week of full-time witnessing for us American CIG Missionaries in Peru!

We started off this week with a leadership changing ceremony with the Peruvian community after Sunday service! The national leader, Señor Alberto Florido, after years of leading this community, has decided to retire from his position. The position will be inherited by Señor Omar Leon, the current CARP director of CARP Peru! He will be attending a global leader’s workshop this month ti receive the guidance and training he needs in order to fully step into this position.

On Monday, February 4, the CARP members started off the week with their 7-Day High School Workshop! There were many new and old guests alike, and the group was full of bright energy! They started off with a round of icebreakers to get to know each other more.

On Tuesday, February 5, we had the opportunity to celebrate God’s Day with the Peruvian community. We all gathered together and spent the evening simply celebrating the day dedicated to God. The American missionaries had the opportunity to eat dinner with the country leaders as well.

During the week, one of the Peruvian CARP brothers who had joined our team brought in a new guest named Jose to join the high school workshop. Jose was shy at first, however, he quickly grew to really enjoy the time spent with the other high schoolers, and was really moved by the Divine Principle lectures. By the end of the workshop, he was eager to become a full-time member of CARP, and Ricardo (the brother who invited him) had the opportunity to meet with Jose’s parents on Sunday. By the end of the get-together, the whole family was very positive about CARP, and we were able to welcome a new family member to the group!

(Left to Right) - Fernando, Yasuhiro Ishiyama, sotetsu Honda, Dokhwa Miraval, Jose’s Father, Jose, Jose’s Mother, Ricardo, Kana Ishii, Fuyu Fujioka

(Left to Right) - Fernando, Yasuhiro Ishiyama, sotetsu Honda, Dokhwa Miraval, Jose’s Father, Jose, Jose’s Mother, Ricardo, Kana Ishii, Fuyu Fujioka

Throughout the week in between these activities, the missionary team went out witnessing and gave lectures to new guests sharing about the principles we practice and learn together. On Thursday, February 7, our leader, Dokhwa Miraval, took out the missionary team for a special dinner to a local chicken restaurant as a treat for their hard work!

On Saturday, February 9, the high school workshop participants had a Culture Night, where they showed their talents through skits, dancing, singing, and playing instruments! We ended the week with a mini graduation ceremony for the high schoolers as they finished their workshop, complete with many group photos.

It was a pretty busy week, and it will be getting a little more quiet this next week, with the high schoolers going home, but we’re going to keep going strong, reaching out to more people in the hopes of finding more people like Jose who can really be impacted by what we have to share with them!