Scotland: In Full Effect


As we got more settled in Scotland our time here has started to become more serious - less traveling and sightseeing, and more witnessing campaigns and events. Starting from Monday the 4th we started our witnessing campaigns at two new locations: the University of Strathclyde and the City of Glasgow College. We also teamed up with our sister program, STF Europe, together approaching students for the first time!

From Monday through Thursday, we focused on inviting students to our third tribe talk event, and on Thursday, we had our actual event! This week’s discussion question was, “Is there life after death?”

STF Europe participants had to depart for Albania before the event, so it was just the students and us! We had a great time discussing the topic, and hearing insights from many different backgrounds!

Friday the 8th was another full day of witnessing at the college and university. This time, we invited students to our very first 1-day Divine Principle workshop which was on that Saturday the 9th. During the Divine Principle workshop, we received talks from our leader, Robert Török. He gave lectures filled with great content we were all able to learn from! It was a great first-time experience hosting a workshop in Scotland, and we are expecting more workshops in the future, with one of us giving the lectures next time as well!