Dominican Republic Filled Week of Celebrations!

Hello! This is Dominican Republic reporting on the past 2 weeks of activities here. Some highlights from these times truly reminds us of the hard work of the past, as well as the foundation we stand upon at this time and age. So many people are interested in the lifestyle that we promote here at CARP; “To live for the sake of others.” We had a total of 68 lectures given (most of the time it is one-on-one) and of them, 43 are returning guests- meaning, they continue to want to hear contents of 1-2 hour lectures. The core content of the talks given involve topics such as: “What is the purpose of life?” “What is love?” and “Education of the character.”

At the start of the week, we welcomed a new participant to join us for “CARP life.” Here, participants learn the traditions and cultures CARP offers and has the opportunity to apply it and make it a part of their lifestyle!

On February 5th, we celebrated God’s Day. As CARP, we celebrated the birthday of a lecturer here who has been invested into CARP for decades as well. He has been CARP’s main lecturer for the past several years. He is committed in sharing the above topics with the youth! Further into the week, we celebrated the birthday of the founders of CARP- Rev. and Dr. Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon, as well as couple others’ day of birth. One of them being the new CARP life participant, who we welcomed on February 7th.

As for our outreach, from February 5 to February 9, we had a total of 43 returning guests who received lectures out of a total of 68 invites. One participant in particular comes back consistently. We met him as we were heading into a movie theater and he stopped a couple missionaries as he was collecting our tickets! He was interested and now almost finished with his 14 lecture series. The following is a short comment: “It’s been an honor to get to know this brother named Malvin. I’m so moved that he’s so willing to learn about CARP and the principles. I have so much hope for him to apply what he learns here in his future! Thank you God!” - Risako Yonetani (2nd year CIG missionary/ 3rd year GPA participant).