Scotland - We ran our first Workshop!

This Sunday February 17th we held and gave presentations for our first Universal Principle Seminar. We held it in the city center of Glasgow and had five participants come.

Each CIG missionary had an opportunity to give a presentation on at least one section of the Exposition of the Divine Principle. Yoshi started off by presenting the introduction followed by Miyuki who talked about the Principle of a peaceful world, Yutaka presented the origin of conflict and Karen finished it off by sharing about the direction of human history. It was a great opportunity for us to share our knowledge about the Divine Principle. All of us were really glad that we were able to put all the lecturing practice we did back home in America into action! The audience was able to receive new insights of the Principle and after each presentation we were able to share with each other what we learned from the presentation and ask questions in order to further understand it.


We are excited for more Divine Principle workshops to come soon as we reach out to more guests as we continue our witnessing campaign in Scotland!