Costa Rica: Closings and Beginnings

It’s been another busy week with many new changes. We started off our campus outreach on Tuesday Feb 12. It was a seemingly regular day. We talked to students, we studied Spanish back home at the CARP house. We even had a regular dinner made by Josh Fujikake. What he didn’t know was that all the while we were planning his surprise Birthday Party. We sprung it on him after dinner, and we had a blast, with singing, presents, kind words, and cake.

The next day, we had to say goodbye to Augustine Maddox, but it was an excuse for us to have another party, so that was cool. We had Augustine for too short of a time. But even though he was with us for less than two weeks, he made a huge impact on the team with his dedication and willingness to work hard and be a positive personality. Thank you for your had work, Augustine!

Saturday Feb 16 was the day of our service project. We teamed up with a group called HEROES, a local group of youth dedicated to brightening their community of Costa Rica with their acts of service. We had the opportunity to spend time at a local assisted living home. We spent the afternoon playing Bingo with the elderly folks living there, and we generally just spent time talking and laughing with them. There were many bright faces to go with the bright atmosphere. It was a great day.

The next day, in the afternoon we went bowling with some of the other local youth and missionaries. Even though many were not so skilled, we all had a fun supporting and encouraging each other. We also saw a lot of improvement from many people, and growth is never something to be ignored. Part of our role here is raising up the youth, so we were glad for another opportunity to spend time with them.


Finally we ended the week with a team meeting over a nice Argentine dinner. It was a chance for us to share our experiences and make determinations for the coming week. Sometimes this CIG program can be exhausting, but at the end of the day it’s always worth it. See you next week!