Dominican Republic is a Natural Beauty!

We are so blessed!!

On Valentine’s Day, the CIGM leader, Kenzo Tanaka visited the DR and took the missionaries out for an outing and planned a one day workshop. We drove out about 2 hours from early in the morning (5:30) to Punta Cana and visited the “Indegenous ojos,” meaning “indengeneous eyes.” There were 12 natural lagoons along a mile long trail, in which you can swim in 3 of them. You can see the bottom of the water and see the fishes and small turtles swiming in them. Not many people were present that day, so it felt as if God has personally reserved the lagoons for us! Thank you. That same Saturday, we held a Youth Service Project and picked up trash by a river- it was a way to give back the love and beauty we received days prior!

A reoccuring theme this past week seems to be that, when we as human beings receive an abundance of love, we want to naturally share it with others. We wish to overcome the challenges and limitations in our hearts for the sake of our loved ones. Some participants were scared to swim but because of the beauty of the place and the love and patience they could feel, you can see how hard they worked to be able to swim and be able to enjoy creation better! Coming back to Santo Domingo to our peers from CARP and Japanese missionaries, we felt so blessed and was determined to love more and determined to share more. Next week, we will be welcoming participants of Generation Peace Academy (GPA)- 22 of them will be with us for the next 3 weeks- how exciting! And we will be moving to a different location and will be settled by next week as well!

(Photos will be posted soon!)