A Week of Love: Czech Republic

Ahoy from Czech!

This week, Czech CIGYM focused on the theme of love, in light of Valentines Day.

However, unlike the typical romantic love commonly celebrated in the world, we focused and recognised and celebrated the love we have in all aspects of our lives - family, friends, siblings, co-workers, etc…

CIGYM Czech hosted a pre-Valentines day event on Wednesday evening, to understand fully how we can give love to the people around us in deeper ways.

By taking the love language test by Gary Chapman, guests could discover and compare how each of us have truly unique ways in how we give and receive love. With this knowledge, we move forward wanting to deepen all aspects of our relationships, so that we can have fuller and stronger bonds with those around us in our day to day lives.

On Thursday, Mune hosted WCARP Czech’s sixth peacetalk, with a smaller but more intimate group this week. Continuing with the theme of the week, the topic discussed was, ”What is most valuable in my life?”. We came to the conclusion, that the most valuable thing in our lives is simply living a life of love.

We concluded the week with a two-day event, where youth from the local church community of the entire Czech Republic gathered all together for the weekend. With over thirty-five middle and high school students, we came to spend joyous quality time together, singing songs, playing sports, and bonding as a family of brothers and sisters.

This concludes our week celebrating love, where Valentines Day became more than just the common celebration day for couples. By wanting to deepen all relationships of love in our lives, we enter the next week excited to continue experiencing and building upon each week.

“The more love is given, the more it increases. Therefore eternity comes from love alone” -Rev. Sun Myung Moon