Peru: Welcoming New and Familiar Faces!

Hola from Peru team! We just finished another week, and we’ve been getting busier and busier as we’ve gotten more comfortable with the witnessing schedule and public lifestyle here at the CARP center!

Throughout this week, we have continued our witnessing activities - inviting new guests to come visit the CARP house, and giving presentations to them about the values and universal principles we practice here in CARP. There were also a few new activities this week, though.

On Friday, February 22nd, we welcomed back the new national leader, Señor Omar from his month-long stay in Korea! He came back from the leader’s workshop excited to continue investing into not only CARP, but the whole community here, especially the youth. Although it was a long trip for him, he came back full of energy and enthusiasm and jumped straight into preparing for a workshop we had the following Sunday.

On Sunday, February 24th, we held a one-day workshop for the community members here in Peru, learning about the importance of heritage and ancestral lineage. People from the community both young and old attended lectures after Sunday Service, hosted by a special guest from a special workshop center in Korea, who specializes in the education of ancestor lineage.

On Thursday, February 28th, we decided to have some rejuvenation and bonding time with the CARP members, having some refreshing sports time at the beach. We played soccer and volleyball in the morning for several hours together. It was a great way of releasing stress, and simply having a good time together in the wonderful weather!

It’s been an exciting week full of fun activities and many new faces we meet through witnessing! WE’re excited for this upcoming week and the new experiences and people it will bring!