Costa Rica: Our first DP Workshop

Hola todos!

So this week has been very busy and stressful, but entirely worth the work. Most of it was spent with students as usual, but this week we focused more on trying to build real relationships and friendships with them. So we had several lunches and coffee breaks with different students, and we even played board-games with some of the current CARP members, and in the process we became fast friends. Our mission is to be able to build a community and family for the people of Costa Rica, and it starts by genuinely caring about the people we meet. So we had a wonderful experience through that.

When the weekend came, CARP, together with the Japanese, Korean, and American missionaries, held our first Divine Principle workshop of this year. It lasted from Saturday at 9:00 AM to Sunday 12:00 PM. The focus of the workshop was mostly on the introduction to CARP, a look at the history of Christianity and the Bible, and how God is still working in our lives today. Our lecturer, Don Fernando, did an amazing job in conveying the material with his heart of sincerity and his amazing wit as well.

The responsibilities for those staffing the workshop were split between guest care, kitchen team, and coffee and snack team. Shogo Nakaza took care of all our drinks and snacks, while Josh Fujikake worked in the kitchen. Both were aided by the other missionaries, each making sure that they invested their hearts and effort into whatever job they had so that the guests would feel right at home. They all did an incredible job making sure the workshop ran smoothly.

The rest of us focused on listening to the lectures and interacting with the guests. There were only four new guests, but they all really enjoyed themselves, and they learned a lot. For Glauco, Elijah’s guest, the real draw was the fact that CARP tried its very best to live the values that they taught. It’s how we feel we can start to create a better world, through loving and caring for one another like family. The guests were all inspired enough that they wanted to continue studying with CARP and attend activities.

All in all, it was a successful workshop. And it looks like we have another busy week to come! Chao!