Scotland - Character Development!

Hello everyone, thank you for reading these! We just had another week in Scotland and in this week we got to hold Tribe Talk in a different location and we also visited a Sikh temple for a character development workshop held by Dr. James Baughman

This weeks tribe talk was held on the topic “Are we inherently selfish?” We started off the event by sharing about our week’s and then went into the main topic. At such a real and confronting question both groups went straight into conversation thinking about how to define selfishness, are humans designed this way? Is it effected by our own biology? Culture? They shared experiences and stories; some of them mentioned amazing acts of selflessness but also examples on how common it is to be selfish. Karen Ishiguro shared about her experience with this Tribe Talk, “I enjoyed the depth of conversation, listening to different people and relearning about things I thought I knew about before but learning about it in a new way, also connecting really deeply to the people at the same time. It was amazing! Heart warming experience.”

“To sum it up in few sentences, I would say it was inspiring to see many people show up this weekend to develop their character and become better people and recognize that there is always improvement to be made in all of our growth” said Mitsuyoshi Orikasa, the other blogger in our team. We attended a character development workshop this past weekend speaking on how can we grow ourselves and add meaning and effort in all areas of life. It was held at a Sikh temple nearby the Uni of Glasgow. The workshop was on the weekend, February 23rd to the 24th. It was a great event with great food and kind people.

We finished after the workshop by visiting the beautiful botanical gardens in Glasgow, reflecting and sharing time with each other to prepare for the new week.