Peru: New Month, New Determinations!

Hola from team Peru!

Many events happened during this week as we ended the month of January, including finishing a ten day workshop for old and new CARP members alike! We’re now going into this new month with our next plan of action: witnessing!

On Wednesday, January 30, we finished off the 10-day CARP workshop! Although it was a shy and nervous start for many, by the end of the workshop, participants had opened up so much with each other, they were reluctant to leave! In the end, we spent some time playing card games, doing Just Dance, or simply talking with each other until the sun went down. Several of the participants showed interest in becoming CARP full-time members, and a few among them even decided to sign up on the spot once they received permission from their parents to join! It was an amazing end to an amazing workshop!

On Friday, February 1st, we started off the new month welcoming two new members to our witnessing team! The two CARP brothers will be joining us as we go out witnessing. As part of their course, CARP Peru members focus on witnessing more during their second year as full-time members, so it’s a great opportunity for both sides as we help each other to learn and practice outreach!

(Left to Right) Sotetsu Honda, Ricardo (CARP member), Fernando (CARP member), Yasuhiro Ishiyama,    Kana Ishii (team leader), Fuyu Fujioka

(Left to Right) Sotetsu Honda, Ricardo (CARP member), Fernando (CARP member), Yasuhiro Ishiyama,

Kana Ishii (team leader), Fuyu Fujioka

We spent the day getting to know each other better with a couple icebreakers before receiving a guidance from our new leader… Dokhwa Miraval! As an alumni of the witnessing program, STF Brazil, his knowledge, experience, and guidance has been very inspiring and motivational for us all!

Saturday, February 2nd was our second full day of witnessing! In total, we were able to bring five people to the CARP center to receive more information about the various activities we do as CARP, as well as the principles we study, practice, and teach. One of the guests was a mother with her son, and she was so inspired, she decided she wants to bring her son to the high school workshop we are preparing for this upcoming week!

This week went by lightning fast for us, with many new activities, and meeting many new faces and making new friends. After renewing, and proclaiming our goals and determinations to each other for this new month, we’re looking forward to this upcoming week and it’s new adventures!