Costa Rica: Week Three


This week started off with a big change! We finally finished the 21 Day YSP workshop, and on Monday Jan 28, we packed our bags and moved into the CARP house, our new home for the next few months. But first we had to do a major cleaning session. We spent much of Tuesday 29th beautifying the old house. It was a nice chance for us to work in partnership with the Korean and Japanese missionaries who will also be living here. Then we got some guidance from Señor Manho, the Costa Rican CARP director, about the purpose and practice of witnessing.

The next day, Wednesday 30th, we had our first day of witnessing on campus. It was pretty exciting and nerve wracking for the three of us. However, even though our Spanish was “no bueno”, we were still able to communicate well with the students through teamwork, a lot of heart, and the fact that probably half of them spoke decent English.

Since Kenzo-san, our CIG director was with us for the week, from Thursday 31st to Friday 1st we had a nice outing together to Arenal Volcano National Park. It was a beautiful park with mountains, waterfalls, and of course the volcano. Not only did we get to experience the wonderful nature, but we also got to take time to reflect and set goals and determinations for our time here. Much better than reflecting while sitting in a dusty room!

We ended the week with an invitation to dinner, a goodbye party for one of the Japanese missionaries, and some icecream with our new young Costa Rican friends. It was a good week, and we’re ready to jump into our next full week of witnessing. See you next time!