Scotland - Visiting English Communities

On the weekend of Jan 25-28 we were invited by the Family Federation UK to visit London, England to receive a workshop Hosted by Mr. William Haines, and visited different communities throughout England.

In the workshop, Mr. Haines went through content such as the history of Europe and the United Kingdom along with the rise of Cultural Marxism. It was a really interesting and fun to listen to and see how the topics applied to us.

Then we visited a youth service put on by the young adults in the London community and then attend the High School service in the afternoon. It was inspiring to see so many youth there, participating in the two bands and presenting as MC’s.

Afterwards, we toured London and visited a few other communities in England, meeting people and learning about the history of our movement in the UK. It was a great experience and we felt a lot of love and support from those we met. We hope to make the most out of the next week of outreach in Scotland!