CIGYM Czech Republic - Week Three


Czech team settles into their third week, where on Wednesday, CIGYM were able to host our very first event since joining with CARP: American Culture Night! During this time, both students and youth from the local church community joined to learn about the history and culture of America from a presentation made by Helen Bond. Afterwards, we had a classic American BBQ dinner made by Younng Joo Scharf and Vicky, and a game of Jeopardy hosted by David Lee and Munekazu Nakamura.

Thursday, the very next day, one of the participants of STF Europe, Amabel Vitai, hosted a Peace Talk event. The topic of the event was, “What can open the door for greater love and healing in our relationships?” This week we were joined by Elenora and Naomi, STF and GPA staff, to further support CARP activities, making the event a full house in the small center.

At one point this week, Munekazu Nakamura, Helen Bond, CARP President Vicky, and STF participants met with two Mormon missionaries. During the meeting we had the opportunity to share with each other our values and principles in an open and friendly environment.

We were also invited to join UPF(Universal Peace Federation) President of Czech Juraj Lajda and his wife Erika for lunch at his home, where he shared his deep and personal stories of his experiences with CARP during the time of communism in Czech.

We concluded the week on Saturday with a Divine Principle study and lecture contest at our headquarters, where each of the eleven missionaries in CARP gave a ten minute lecture.

This concludes the main activities from this week in Czech!