Czech Republic: One Day Workshop!

Hello from CIGYM Carp Czech Republic!

CIGYM says goodbye to February, concluding their first full month in the country. Continuing the many events and activities throughout the weeks, CARP concludes the month by hosting their very first one-day workshop: Find My Purpose, Change My Life.

EungKyung Kung, Helen Bond, Mune Nakamura, and Younng Joo Scharf lead the workshop with inspiring lectures centering on Divine Principle, with the vision that each participant could find a deeper meaning and wider perspective of the world and in their own lives!

With three guests joining the workshop for the first time, a total of twenty participants were awarded certificates for completion of the workshop.

Continuing into the week, on February 26, CARP gives a name change to the Peace Talks, now called “DP Talks”. The day’s discussion question, “How can I become a person who truly loves others?” we discovered that growing our capacity to love requires intentional and consistent effort, joined with students from campus.

On Wednesday, February 27, CARP hosted a special event in the evening, Oriental Night! Celebrating the diversity of ethnicities of students from around the world, presentations of India, Japan, and Lebanon were given by guest lecturers Suyash Kashyap, Yukie Awaji, and Helen Bond. The evening was spent learning and appreciating the beauty of each others cultures, and feeling connected as one huge family.

With spring finally coming into Czech, CARP looks forward towards the new month of March, hosting their second one-day workshop, as well as working hand-in-hand with the youth organization YSP (Youth and Students for Peace), with more events and workshops to come.