Peru: Welcoming GPA and Hosting Our First Event!

Hola todos~!

It’s been another week full of new activities and busy schedules!

This week, we had the opportunity to welcome a group from the program, Generation Peace Academy to the world of witnessing here with CARP Peru! On Friday, March 8, 17 of the participants joined our missionary group and went out witnessing for the whole day, inviting them to attend lectures about the Divine Principle. It was a busy and exciting day for everyone, and we were able to bring in a total of 55 guests to the CARP center! Everyone was very open and friendly, and a few of the guests even stayed for half a day, promising to keep coming by to listen to more lectures we have! Afterwards, the GPAers invited the guests they brought in to a one day Diving Principle workshop they held the very next day! Although not everyone was able to attend, it was a very successful workshop, with a couple of our new friends coming back to spend time with us and play sports the very next day!

Throughout the week, our missionary group has also been working on preparing for our very first event that we held on Saturday, right after the workshop the GPAers held! Although we were busy throughout the week, and ran around scraping up the time we needed to do last minute preparations up until the minute the event started, we had an amazing time! Several of the GPA participants also joined in after they finished their workshop, and mingled with the guests, getting to know their new friends while practicing Spanish with them along the way, too! We spent the evening playing icebreaker activities, and received a lecture about Pure Love and the Importance of Discipline, and how that is connected to our event theme, Peace Starts With Me! Afterwards, we finished off the event with a performance, offering a song and dance to the guests in gratitude for attending the event.

On Sunday, March 10, our beloved staff member, Naomi Froelich, left after her weeklong stay. The week went by very quickly, interspersed with many opportunities to receive guidance and advice from the former witnessing alumni, and older sister figure. Before leaving for her next journey, Naomi Froelich took time to give us some guidance on the importance of team unity, and how we can help to create a good environment within the team, and spread that to our guests. It was very good advice, and we met together for one last meeting to set our determinations for this next week before our older sister left to prepare for her next trip to our Costa Rica team. Thank you for all your hard work and giving us so much love, Naomi!

Currently, we are preparing for another full week of witnessing… with the possibility of welcoming new members to our witnessing team!!!!!!

It’s been an exciting - and admittedly hectic - week for everyone, yet fulfilling as well. We’re looking forward to this next week, and the new experiences it will bring, as well as the opportunities to come for us to work on our new determinations within the team!