Scotland: Outreach, Women's day, & Birthdays

Hello everyone! This week in Scotland it was another full week, with outreach activities, birthdays and events!

First off! We had our Tribe Talk on March 7th and in honor of International Women’s day (March 8th), our topic this week was “What is the True Value of Women?” It was a great event, many of us shared about our experience’s with our mothers or sisters, and we discussed about how difficult it is for children and people to be without a mother or father’s love in their life, whether through coaches, role models, older siblings or literal parents. How when we appreciate and have love in our hearts we see that both masculinity and femininity are so necessary. Mitsuyoshi O. also commented saying, “It’s nice to see that we are making an environment where people can come back and share openly with each other.”

Funnily enough this Tribe Talk was sandwiched between the birthday’s of two of the great women in our center. On March 6th we celebrated our center mom’s birthday and on March 8th we celebrated our own Karen I.’s birthday. Sadly we forgot to take pictures, but we sang songs to them and gave them gifts of flowers and chocolate, also celebrating Women’s day by sharing chocolate with the whole center.

On the weekend we got to spend time with some of the local community as we joined in on icebreakers and discussion for the Scotland youth retreat. We discussed each persons community, how they are doing and how we want to improve our communities and create a welcoming place for others to come to.

We finished off the week with a Universal Principles seminar and had two people come! This was their first time coming and listening to the presentations, between each presentation we had two group discussions and delved even deeper into questions we had about the presentation and finding and sharing real life examples of the principles. “Very nice environment and a natural way to promote the universal principles.” said Robert T. who helped us organize the event.

Overall it was a busy but great week to try new things and discover improvements we want to make for next week! A special thank you to Christine Froelich who left on Saturday and in her wake leaving behind a lot of love and continuous support from the staff in the U.S. we really appreciated her visit.