Peru: Welcome to the Team!

Hola todos~!

This is the Peru team here, with an update of this past week!

It has been getting busier and busier here at the Peru CARP center! After participants from the Generation Peace Academy group participated in witnessing activities for a whole day with us, we’ve been receiving more and more new guests throughout the week, many of them quickly becoming regulars here at the center!

One thing is for sure, however, this week has been full of activity and excitement!

On Wednesday, March 13th, our team had to take over a Pure Love presentation the Generation Peace Academy group was supposed to do at a local high school when their bus broke down on their way back from Tingo Maria, a city several hours away from Lima! It was a last minute, unexpected occurrence for our missionary team. However, despite the last minute preparations we had to make, the presentation was still a success! In fact, the vice principal enjoyed it so much, she shared about it with staff from another school, and the next day, we were asked by the principal of that school to come and give the presentation there, too! This time, the Generation Peace Academy participants were able to join in, and we were able to give the presentation to multiple classrooms throughout the day, with two of our missionaries Sotetsu Honda and Kana Ishii there to support!

On Thursday, March 14th, we welcomed two CARP members to our witnessing team, Jonas and Jesus! They officially started witnessing on Saturday, March 15th, with the support of the rest of the brothers on our team, Yasuhiro Ishiyama, Sotetsu Honda, Fernando, and Ricardo (Jonas’ brother!) It was an exciting time for everybody, and the two new members didn’t hesitate to jump in! They are currently being watched over and guided by their older brothers, Fernando and Ricardo, learning how to witness, and give lectures about the principles and values we study and practice here at CARP.

On Sunday, March 17, all the CARP members and GPA participants got together or one last game of soccer and volleyball before the GPA volunteers left to return to the United States on Monday, March 18. After spending some time at a nearby park, the GPA participants offered one last song and dance to the CARP members and staff in gratitude and appreciation for all the love they had received over the course of their stay. Many tears and “See you soon’s” were exchanged before they ultimately drove out for the airport.

After they left, our Cheon Il Guk Missionary team jumped straight back into witnessing activities, now busier than ever with all the new guests the GPA participants had brought in before they left!

It’s been a pretty busy and unexpectedly eventful week for us here in Peru! Although there were many challenged along the way, we are looking forward to what this next week will bring to us!