Something fresh

Hey y’all. it’s Scotland team here! We had an exciting week this past week and here’s are some of the highlights on what we did! (FYI Spring hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s almost springtime here so it’s till quite chilly here in Scotland) but still grateful for the beautiful clouds :)

Anyways this week we tried a couple of new things and here’s how it went. First off instead of doing our normal Universal Principle seminar on the weekends we hosted our very first DeeP talk. It’s like a combination of both tribe talk and Universal Principle seminar, we had the similar contents from the seminar but instead of presenting it we did similar to tribe talk style where we took turns reading specific passages on “is a world of peace possible?” “where’s the love?” and “where does change come from?”. After reading each section we then went to a discussion as a group on what we thought about the reading, anything we found interesting, liked or disliked or questions. It was nice being able to present the same content but in a new “fresh” way.


Since we had free time on the weekend, on Saturday we decided to invite some of our good friends to our place to watch a movie. It was the perfect way to end the long week just being able to relax with one another and enjoy each others company. We ended up watching the film, Tron Legacy and because we’re all about going deeper and finding the deeper meaning afterwards we started openly sharing about what we gained from watching the film.

Aside from the new activities that we did we also hosted our eighth tribe talk. With some returning faces and new faces we discussed about “will doing what I want always lead me to happiness?” we came to a conclusion that we can be truly happy when we listen to our conscience.

Anyways, that’s all for now, so thank you for tuning in, and as always, see you next week!