Costa Rica: Reflections and Redeterminations


Hello again everyone! It’s finally been a week of rest for us! We’ve been working hard as a missionary team here in Costa Rica, and we were able to take a few days to travel to Panama for some much needed rest and relaxation. But that was only part of the plan. One of the core staff of CIG, Naomi Froehlich, was able to join us for the week, and she had a lot planned out for us. Being at the half-way point in our 4 month mission, it’s really important for us to reflect on what we’ve accomplished how far we’ve come as well as what we still need to improve on going forward, both individually and as a team. So that was really our main focus in our time together. We had several good discussions, and we made plans for our growth and intentions for the next two months. It was a very good step for us as a team, and it had the effect of bringing us closer too.

We were also able to have a lot of fun in our short time in Panama as well. After spending the entire day on Tuesday traveling by bus and boat, we were able to explore the island of Boca del Toro on Wednesday, March 13. In the morning, we went to a local cacao and coffee plantation, “Up on the Hill”. There we were greeted by the owner, a delightfully funny, genuine, and knowledgeable man originally from Argentina. He took us on a tour of his plantation that he built with his family over 22 years. We saw all kinds of bugs, animals, plants, and food! And everything we got to sample was delicious. We learned a lot about chocolate as well as what it takes to sustain such a farm. It was definitely a highlight of our trip.

We ended up spending the afternoon at Red Frog Beach, a quiet and peaceful place, aside from the volleyball game further down the coast. Sometimes it’s nice to let your inner child out and just run headfirst into the waves.

We ended the week safely back in Costa Rica with a service project with HEROES on Saturday, March 17. There were two groups; one group went to an orphanage to spend time with the children there, and the other group went door to door near the Federation center collecting food for Nicaraguan refugees in Costa Rica. Both were very exciting activities, and through some good teamwork we made a good impact.

This mission experience has been wildly different than we had anticipated, but it’s proving to be extremely rewarding. Understanding the value of living a life centered on God and being able to bring Him into every activity we do has been a big focus of ours, and we aim to continue that in the weeks to come. Until next time!