Czech Republic - New Leadership in Czech Republic!


Here’s the weekly update from Czech Republic for the week of March 17th to March 23rd.

To officially say goodbye to winter and celebrate the coming of spring, the team begins the week with a soccer match, building team unity and enjoying the time together. On Sunday, March 17 at the Hotel Olsanka, a ceremony was held in which Eva Kačírková Pejkofski, wife of Cvetko, CARP Czech witnessing leader, became elected as the new National Leader of Czech Republic! CIGYM offered a performance with Eva to support and celebrate her inauguration. To watch the performance, you can check out this link:

Martine Masner, the witnessing director of Czech Republic and Europe, took out GPA, STF, and KTGY after the celebration to Sarka Park, one of the largest parks in Prague. With the Sunday being the warmest day of the year so far, the team celebrates the end of winter and the coming of spring through the beautiful views and rejuvenating time together.

On Tuesday, March 19, CARP hosted a public lecture for the first time at Charles University. With the topic of “Near Death Experiences” presented by Mrs. Martine, many questions about life after death were asked, and if there truly is a spiritual reality. She shared real life testimonies from the lives of people from around the world, one being Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon who after a life and death experience he experienced himself became confident of the existence of a spiritual world.

On Thursday, CARP finishes the week with their DP talk, “Will doing what I want always lead me to happiness?”. Hosted by Julia Wang of STF, three new guests came for the first time, enjoying the study and discussions at a nearby park instead of at the center, with the coming of spring allowing more opportunities to do outdoor activities.

CARP Czech prepares for their one-day Divine Principle studies workshop on Saturday with the theme “One Family Under God”. With an expected thirty plus participants to join including CARP, the missionaries are excited to help host the workshop for a second time, learning many things from the first workshop in February to welcome the guests to have a deeper and more impactful experience.