Costa Rica: Second Half of the Mission


Hiya folks!

So we’ve been here in Costa Rica for quite a while now. A lot has happened, and we’ve definitely pushed ourselves a lot. Last week was a chance to rest and also to talk about how everyone was doing. It was a much needed respite from the hard work of witnessing. But beginning this week we had one last activity planed. We had had one visitor last week, Naomi Froehlich, but this week we were blessed with another visitor, Gabriel Marchitelli. He was a missionary in Costa Rica last year, and he came to visit for the week to reconnect with his past friends and guests to CARP and also to support us current missionaries. So on Monday March 18, we decided to take a trip to Jaco Beach to go surfing for the day and to have on last reflection and team meeting to determine ourselves for the next two months.

We did have a great day of surfing, even though only Gabby had surfed before. Once we started to get the hang of it, we were able to appreciate the strength and beauty of the ocean. It was an exhausting couple of hours, but we had a blast! Truly it was a great experience.

After lunch we went to a quieter nearby beach to pray and reflect. There’s something about beaches that exude the beauty and majesty and love of God. After a few hours we were able to witness a gorgeous sunset right before we left. We certainly felt it was something special.

The rest of the week just breezed by! We met with many CARP members, old and new, and we ended the week with another 2 Day CARP Workshop. We acted as staff for it; cooking and coffee team. It was a small workshop this month, but we had a lot of fun, and so did the guests. So that’s been the week. We’ve come a long way as a team during our time here, and we want to go forward with more unity and determination. So see you next time.