Peru: Jumping into the Next Week!

Hola todos~!

This is Peru team here again, with some news about this past week!

We haven’t had any new events lately here at the CARP center - a pretty astonishing bit of news, with all the crazy schedules we’ve been keeping up with here with the CARP members. However, it hasn’t taken out a bit of the busy energy from here in the least!

This past week, we have been focusing more on inviting people to the CARP center to receive lectures and presentations on the various principles and values we study and share about here at CARP. We’ve also been supporting our two new witnessing team members, Jonas Castro and Jesus Paima, as they ease into the daily routine of witnessing. Throughout this week, they have been practicing their lectures, and gone out witnessing with the help of the other brothers in our team, Yasuhiro Ishiyama, Sotetsu Honda, Fernando Pinedo, and Ricardo Castro.

Unfortunately, this week was the last week where we will have Fernando and Ricardo here with us as support. As the two first CARP members to ever join in on our witnessing team, they finished their forty (plus an extra two weeks) term as fellow witnessing members, and they will now be moving on to new projects within the CARP group. Jesus and Jonas will be inheriting their positions from now on, and they are quickly learning and growing along the way! We will be missing Fernando and Ricardo’s support and presence on the team, but don’t worry! They will still be here at the CARP center, supporting the overall CARP group. So it isn’t really a goodbye at all! Thank you for your hard work for our Heavenly Parent, Peru brothers!

3.20 - Fernando and Ricardo.png

This week will be getting busier and busier as we bring more and more people in to listen to lectures, and attend the various events we hold here at the center. It’s been a pretty exhausting couple days, but our team is still up and running, eager to continue investing into this beautiful country we can happily call home!

We’re all excited for this upcoming week, and the new experiences to come!

3.26 - Meeting.png