Past Halfway

Hello everyone! This is your Scotland team, and first thing is we had a great experience with DeeP Talk this week, doing it only for the second time, more people came and we split into smaller groups and were able to share and bond over our life experiences after reading some of the universal principles. Sharing some of our more painful memories and also some of our happiest memories. It was a engaging and exciting event and we hope it only gets better the more we do it!

We went out throughout the week meeting with people and sharing Universal Principles and asking questions.

We also had another Tribe Talk and had 13 people come and attend! Our topic was “where does my value come from?” and we had a great response. “I had always enjoyed deep talk and spending quality time with friends. It is new yet heart warming for me to share my values and insecurities in front of total strangers that are accepting and willing to share their own stories as well.” said one of the friends who came and who we had met just earlier that same day. She also came to DeeP Talk the next day. “Very well organized and friendly meetings, where true values always come out of them.“ said another participant of that Tribe Talk.

On Sunday we also visited Queensferry near Edinburgh to attend a presentation given on a balance between eastern and western medication to promote the awareness of mental health issues and how their dealt with. It was a interesting presentation and many good answers and questions were raised!

Anyways, thank you so much for reading and catching up on what we’ve been doing! We will meet again next week!