Czech Republic: Second One Day Workshop!

Ahoy! Greetings once again from Czech Republic.

To conclude the month, on Saturday, March 23, CARP Czech hosted a one day Divine Principle workshop. With the theme, “One Family Under God”, participants delved deeper into the questions, “What is the cause of human suffering?” “Is there a spirutual world? and “How can we create a better world?”. Hosted by Kate Ngyuen, a CARP member who joined the missionaries since last year, the workshop created a space for participants to receive Principle lectures from Francesc Babii, Younng Joo Scharf, Vicky Masner, and Cvetko Pejkovski.

The week continued forward, with Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of continued studies of Divine Principle with students at the CARP center. On Thursday, with one new guest, hosted by Mathias Mussy of Austria, the question and theme of the DP talk - Where does our true value come from?
"The most valuable thing in all heaven and earth is you." - Rev. Sun Myung Moon

With many exciting events coming to conclude the month of March, stay tune for next week’s blog, where CIGYM have the opportunity to host new events and prepare for the largest event yet, a five-day workshop further centering on the studies of the Divine Principle.