Costa Rica: Live and Learn

Hello folks!

It’s been another busy week. An interesting part of this mission is that there really is no set schedule. We create the use for our time, and we often collaborate with others, so every day is a new and exciting experience.

On Tuesday Feb 26, we had another American culture event. The focus this time was on American Cowboys and The Wild West. We gave two short presentations, played a quick draw game, and ate some western chow. We had two guests, Glauco and Liam, and both of them enjoyed it very much. It was another small success for the Costa Rica Team.

We also had our first Divine Principle study with Glauco. Things went well as we discussed the content and went deeper into questions about God and life and the universe. Science and understanding are an important part of life for many people, so we find it helpful to be able to relate to people with that kind of conversation about the universe and life, as well as strictly theological conversations.

On Wednesday we attended a mini Workshop with CARP, which focused on how we can make the world better. We talked about selfishness and its affect on modern society, as well as things like God’s hope and ideal for the world and how we can work to achieve that. It was presented through a lecture and several activities. Overall a very fun time.

We ended the week with Sunday Service and another workshop, this time with HÉROES. We discussed the law 7600 about disabled people. First we talked about what disability was. Then we discussed whether or not Costa Rica was inclusive and accommodating to disabled people. There were different opinions on the topics, but everyone found some way to connect to the importance of understanding disability. An activity we did to limit people’s ability to function helped us to feel what it might be like to live with a disability, and it was very informative for a lot of the guests.

That’s all for now. until next time!