Scotland - Resting the Soul and Redetermining!

Hey y’all it’s Scotland team here! We had a very exciting week this past week it felt like it flew by! On Monday we welcomed one of our beloved staff members from CIG mission, Christine Froehlich! We had the opportunity to spend time with her as we drove to the country side of Glasgow. While we were on our drive there, we got to experience a bit of nature when we unexpectedly got our car stuck in mud, it took us about 2 hours to get unstuck with a help from a friendly guy who lived near by named Tim. Kudos to you Tim! But the turn of events made us even more grateful for the beautiful rented home we stayed at!

After a good nights rest the next day we shared how our experience had been so far in Scotland with Aunt Christine and she shared her wisdom to us on how we could better our experiences here, it was a great time to come up with stronger determinations for the rest of our time here. We continued the day driving to Stirling to visit the Stirling Castle. Unfortunately we got there 3 minutes too late so we couldn’t go in but we got to look around the castle which was just as good! We finished off the trip with a nice dinner and drove back home.


The next day we were back at it working on our witnessing campaign promoting our weekly tribe talk and Divine Principles seminar. We also were visited by Martine Masner, a director for youth activities in Europe. She was checking in on us to see how we were doing, and giving us advice on how to make our time in Scotland even better! On Friday we had a great time at tribe talk, this weeks discussion was on “is a world of peace possible?” it was a great turnout with many new and returning faces who all had a great time discussing with each other on the weekly question. Afterwards we had the chance to eat out with local Scotland families and enjoy a nice meal.

 On Saturday we had our second Divine Principle seminar, we each had a chance to give a presentation again, it was a good opportunity to improve our lecturing skills! That’s all that happened this week so until next time, see you next week!